The Wonder Basket


On Easter this year, I was both sad and thankful at the same time.  I was heartbroken because my aunt had to have surgery, which prevented her from coming to our normal Easter brunch, and my mom was in a car accident on Holy Thursday!  I was grateful, however, because despite the seriousness of the surgery and the car accident, both of them are okay and recovering.  Oddly, my mom didn't feel too much pain on Easter (which was just two days after the accident), but the pain did flare up about six days later.  She's been home recuperating, which will, unfortunately, take some time.

This year the Easter Bunny must have had mental telepathy because he created a Wonder basket.  Only a few days earlier, we finished reading the book, and now Lewie received two companion books and the movie.  His Easter basket, of course, had some chocolate treats and two Roblox gift cards, too, but the theme of this Easter was definitely Wonder.

The Easter Bunny pulled an April Fools' Day prank and hid the eggs over Grammy's house this year.


We're still waiting for the perfect time to watch this movie.  We want to give it our full attention.

So thankful my mom was with us to celebrate our annual Easter Brunch.

This Easter may have been "different" from the norm, but we still enjoyed a lovely time celebrating with our small family.  Lewie, of course, has started reading Auggie and Me and 365 Days of Wonder.  I'm so glad this Easter will go down as one that reminds us to love, appreciate, celebrate, and "choose kind." 


  1. Hope your aunt and your mom are both doing well! Yay for Wonder! My kids are into Roblox too!

    1. Thank you, Dara. It sounds like our kiddos have much in common!

  2. Our Easter was a lot different this year, too. I'm so glad your mom is okay and your aunt is recovering! XOXO My kids read Wonder and absolutely loved it, so we all watched the movie last week. It was so good!

    1. Thank you, Stefanie. I'm hoping we'll get to see the movie this weekend. I was told to have tissues handy.


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