Little Lewie's First 5K (and Mine, too)!


At the end of February, Lewie surprised me by asking to join "Running Club."  The goal would be to spend the next few months training to run a 5K.  Since the club didn't interfere with any of his other extracurricular activities, I thought it was perfect.  On two days each week, he'd spend an hour after school learning how to stretch, run, breathe, and walk off cramps.  On a week when Running Club was cancelled, his teacher suggested he practice on his own; this is when I started taking an interest, too.  We practiced run-walking together.

On Mother's Day weekend, our town held its annual 5K to benefit Multiple sclerosis (MS).  The kids in Running Club were encouraged to sign up as this would be their first 5K (at least for most of them) and proof that they could do it!   "Would you like us to sign up, too?" I asked Lewie, wondering if he wanted the company of Mom and Dad.

"Sure," he replied, but when my husband's tooth was giving him trouble (he had a post and crown put in), Little Lewie and I ended up doing the 5K on our own.  We arrived to the race bright and early (around 8:30 a.m.) and spent the next few hours talking to the other members of the Running Club that showed up, including Lewie's Running Club teacher, Mrs. Wright.  Some parents, like me, were participating, and others were going to enjoy the race from the sideline.

I reminded Lewie that he didn't have to stay with me as I knew that I was not prepared to run the race.  Yes, I can walk a 5K, no problem, but running is a whole other story.  In the beginning, Lewie kept up with his friends, but as the race dragged on, he found himself right by me.  (I still don't know if he did this intentionally to keep me company.)  Lewie finished in 43:40, and I finished in 43:59.

The race was exhilarating, for sure.  If I ever wanted to run competitively, I would need to train to beat the best score, which was 20:06.   I can't imagine it.  I've tried running, and it's not for me.  I like to take my time, smell the roses, and daydream.  The minute I have to divert my attention to my breath is the minute it doesn't become fun anymore.  I'd rather walk and breathe comfortably than run and feel winded.

Lewie's teacher made all her Running Club students feel special that day.  He had earned his participation medal and was given a few cool chachkies, including a Running Club bracelet and key chain.  Although we we were all given shirts for the race, Lewie chose to wear his Running Club T-shirt instead as did most kids.   He was truly proud of his accomplishment, and in Lewie fashion, he was high-fiving all the other kids from his club as he crossed the finish line.   (All the boys were so supportive of one another--I loved it!)

Lewie and his Running Club teacher, Mrs. Wright
The next day was Mother's Day, and although it rained, my mom, hubby, Little Lewie, and I still managed to go to our favorite restaurant (the Hopkins Inn) for lunch.  The rain made it impossible to eat outside on their patio or to take a walk by the lake, but we, at least, had a nice view of the lake from inside the house. As usual, the food was SPECTACULAR.  It was a wonderful weekend, all around!

So proud to be a mom of this wonderful kid!
My mom and me--so grateful to be spending another happy year together!


  1. My kids do running club. We walked a 5K once together. This summer I want to do couch to 5K with them!

    1. How cool! What a great plan for the summer. I'd join you in a heartbeat! :)


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