Saying Goodbye to Summer


This summer was a mix of work, vacation, some slow summer days, and more work.  It was the "work" part that made this summer feel less fulfilling.  The College had asked me to take on two administrative roles instead of one, which meant more meetings, more responsibilities, longer hours, and less time for family and friends.  It did mean more pay, but I soon discovered that when given the choice to spend more time at home versus earning more money--I choose home.  I'll always choose home.

I'm still serving in two administrative roles, but it looks as if they will be hiring someone soon for the interim VP position I've been holding.  When that happens, I will probably celebrate in some way... Maybe I can go back to my daily walks and my weekly blogging?  My morning exercises and my nightly reading with Little Lewie?  My biweekly dates with hubby and monthly "spring" cleaning days?  My den leader Cub Scout planning and participation?  Yes, when I get my life back, it will be glorious.  I will get to daydream again, too.

After our vacation to Yellowstone, it was back to work as usual, so we made the most of our weekends.  In July, we went to see fireworks and hosted some pool parties...

A visit with old friends... Here they are dressed after a full day of swimming...
(I'm not sure why Lewie reached for a long sleeve shirt...)

Then, in August, we celebrated some birthdays and fit in some final days with friends...

All summer long, we ate ice cream...

And then we ended our summer days in September with some afternoons on my dad's fishing boat.  (Yes, we did not get the boat out until after Labor Day...)

Finally, we squeezed in a few milestones, too, like our first time water-tubing and our first time paddle-boarding.  

Yes, it has been tough saying goodbye to summer this weekend.  I suppose it's because we won't see the season for another nine months.  Goodbye old friend.  I will think of you often.  Until we meet again. 

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