I'm 44, Say What?


In the blink of an eye, or so it seems, I turned 44.  When I round it by 10's, I can still say I'm closer to 40, but if I round to the nearest 5, well I'm almost there--you know--at the mid-point of this decade.  YIKES!

This year has been different all around.  I'm still serving in two different capacities at the College, (they still can't find someone to fill my interim position), and time feels crunched. It makes my days off feel that much more valuable, so I try to make the most of them.  In September, I took a half day, and my mom, Little Lewie, and I went apple picking.  This was the start of fulfilling some of the items on my fall bucket list.

I'm glad my mom took this picture of us.  It shows how much Lewie is catching up to my height!
Of course, while we were at the farm, we fulfilled another item--buying yummy apple cider donuts!

On my birthday, I had a work retreat--actually two of them, back-to-back.  I was a little concerned as I would be away from Lewie for four nights total.  I knew my mom and Hubby would take good care of him, but still...I wouldn't be home for the nightly ritual of tucking him in bed and sprinkling fairy dust over his head or the morning ritual of getting his breakfast and lunch ready.  I also wouldn't be home to make sure he was reading, completing his homework, or practicing his trumpet.

Miraculously, everyone survived, and the work retreats brought a little unexpected fun.  For one, Big Lew was able to come up for dinner on my birthday.  We rode on a party bus to have a few cocktails, had a nice dinner, and then called it an early evening, so we could enjoy the hotel's pool and hot tub.  He even stayed with me overnight while my mom watched Little Lewie.

On the last day of both retreats, I had a chance to take walks and capture some beautiful autumn pictures.  Since both retreats were held at historic places (on the water no less), the scenery, buildings, and houses all had this rustic New England charm.  If there's anything to know about me, it's that I'm in love with old houses from the 1600's, 1700's, and 1800's.  Here's just a few of the sites I couldn't help but take pictures of...

Can you tell this is a pumpkin person at a spa? It has cucumbers on its eyes, a robe, and wine glass in hand.

Beautiful historic homes overlooking the sound.

I just LOVE the pumpkin wall...

I love the narrow European inspired streets and alleyways.

I might have stayed here...
The last amazing part of the retreats was the sweet phone calls and big hugs from my Little Lewie who said he "missed me so much!!!"  On the morning after both retreats were over, he whispered, "Mommy...things run so much smoother when you're here."

During a year when I feel as if I have too much to do and there is never enough time, I have a little boy that very innocently reminds me that I'm doing a pretty good job after all.  I'm not sure I'm thrilled about turning 44, but at least at this age, I can say I have the fortune of good health, love, and happiness.  What else can a forty-something-year-old ask for?


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