October Pumpkins, Hiking, & More


In my mind, October is just not complete without enjoying the great outdoors--farms, hiking, walks, etc.  Every weekend, we've tried to fit in some fun outside time, and of course, I made my boys go pumpkin picking. 

This year we tried a new farm in Warren, CT called Angevine Farm.  It's a little distance from our house, but since we were going up that way to hike anyways, it was worth the visit.  Actually, once we arrived, we learned that the views alone made the visit well worth it.  I couldn't get over the beautiful rolling hills around us.  Plus, the farm and the barn itself had its own rustic charm.

Leave it to my husband to find an instrument at a farm...

Lewie bought himself some Kettle corn to hold him over before dinner.

After a glorious time at the farm, we headed to Steep Rock Preserve to do some hiking.  My timing was a little off, so we didn't have enough daylight to do the full hike, but we still got 1.5 hours in before sunset. 

Now, this weekend, Little Lewie and I had a chance to take a walk by our house and capture the "Witch House."  That's right...there's a house that likes to set up about ten dummy witches in its front yard.  I'm "okay" with viewing it during the daytime, but you won't catch me there after dusk--not ever.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, but so far, it looks like we're going to have good weather for Halloween.  As usual, we'll be parading out together in themed costumes as a family.  I can't wait!!


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