Winter Happenings


Admittedly, this winter has been a tough one.  While the weather has been mild with no snow for January and February, germs are still around, and boy do they linger!  I've been battling what seems to be the same cold for close to 12 weeks, and this week I came down with some sort of virus with flu-like symptoms.

The constant exhaustion, head congestion, sore eyes, achy muscles, dull headache, and upset stomach have definitely interfered with some of our weekend plans.  My exercise routine has been placed on hiatus, too.  Lewie has had a few colds, but thankfully, both my boys (husband and son) have been relatively healthy.

Here are a few things we've been up to this winter 2020.

1) Little Lewie and I made an unexpected visit to the Fairfield University Bookstore to greet my long-time, bloggy friend and her daughter.  They are always involved with interesting projects; this January, they spent countless hours making bookmarks to support the wildlife in Australia that had been devastated by the raging bush fires that have been burning since July 1.

Between selling bookmarks, raising awareness through local TV and radio interviews, and creating a GoFundMe page, my friend's daughter has raised $3,500 and counting.  Of course, we had to stop by and buy some of her adorable bookmarks!

2)  On a cold weekend in February, we decided to go to a bowling fundraiser.  I'm proud to say I beat my two boys with a score of 100!  We had so much fun that Lewie decided he wanted to buy Wii Sports, so we could continue the bowling fun at home.  After tracking down a refurbished disc, we've been playing the game ever since.  Now, Little Lewie is the grand champion at bowling, with my husband second, and me in third place.  (At least I know I can kick butt at "real" bowling.)

They wanted to show off their bowling shoes.

3)  During Lewie's February break, we visited some friends for dinner on Valentine's Day, we spent a morning Roller Skating, and then we made our annual trip snow tubing at Ski Butternut.  This time, our snow tubing trip included Lewie's best friend Ryan with his mom!  Last year he came with us and said he would have rated the day a perfect 10 except his parents weren't able to come.  This year, I forgot to ask about his rating, but I'm pretty sure we may have earned that perfect 10.  Here's to creating a new annual tradition, which now includes both of our families!

Now I'm back to a weekend at home, nursing a cold and some sort of stomach bug.  Lewie went to his cousin's "paint party" for her 9th birthday today, and tomorrow he plans on spending time with our beloved Aunty Kiki.  If I'm able to kick this illness and scrub down the house, it would be fun to have her over for a game of Wii bowling.  We shall see what tomorrow brings...


  1. You've been having fun! I sure hope you're feeling better soon though.

  2. Thank you, my friend. I'm glad, at least, that I haven't got anyone else sick these past few weeks.


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