Foxy Mama Award


A few weeks ago, Beth from Create Your Traditions gave me the "Foxy Mama" Award.  I was honored, first because I haven't been called a "foxy" anything since I've had my little boy (bad husband), and second because it's proof that I have another awesome friend out here in bloggy land.  Thank you, Beth.

This award is fun because it doesn't have any rules or requirements (at least not to my knowledge).  Thus, I am using it as an award to some terrific mommy bloggers because their blogs show 1) they love and would do anything for their children, 2) they're fiercely loyal to their families, 3) they're highly supportive of other bloggers, and 4) they have a wonderful sense of humor and positive attitude that brings both laughter and inspiration to our lives.

Yes, I may have never met you in person, and I may have never even seen a profile picture, but I do know that your hearts exude "foxiness". 

Here is my list of "Foxy Mamas."  (P.S. I tried to hand out this award to mommy bloggers who never received it before.  I have a number of friends that I would include on this list, but somebody's already recognized their "foxiness".)
"Foxy Mama" Award
Yes, let it be known (to your husbands/families especially) that you are now all hereby declared "Foxy Mamas."


  1. Aww, Thank You! I don't think I've ever been called "foxy" either! I love it. That award badge is so darn cute...I should start using it as my profile picture;) Thanks for being so kind and supportive and Congratulations yourself, you are certainly deserving.

  2. Thank you for this award... you made me feel "FOXY" this morning!!!

  3. You are too sweet to explain why you chose who you did. The award is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy-type thing. I'll bet those women dig in the back of their underwear drawers and pull out something "foxy" just for their hubbies after getting that reward! I can't wait to visit their blogs. Thanks for the links. -EW

  4. Thank you, thank you! What a treat! I will absolutely be announcing my foxy-ness (some people around here need a reminder of that - as in - the hub, and myself)!

  5. Love your mindset and "Mommy Spirit!" Hope you WILL pop by and play along with Makes My Monday and Way Back When-esday!

    Have a great weekend, Annette, and so happy to be a new follwers!

  6. awwww you are too darn sweet. I don't think I have ever been called "foxy"! Thanks a bunch. You really made by day :)

  7. Congratulations! Welcome to Mama's Little Nestwork! Come and visit our featured bloggers each week and comment. Bloglove! Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  8. Heck, I think most of us would PAY you for an award that has the word Foxy in it! Congrats!

  9. Thanks for the award. Your so sweet.
    I'm having the worst no blog week ever. I'm just now getting to post this award on mine.

    Thanks again :)


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