Friday Fun Flick-Dare to Dance and Be Silly


My little boy loves to dance. (I've written about this before.) However, it's now been my mission to capture this on video. I thought this would be easy, but the minute Lil' Lew discovers I'm recording him, he decides to entertain me in other ways. Perhaps, he thinks that dancing is too boring, and he needs to "up" his game, or perhaps, he's an "in the closet dancer"--too afraid to show off his skills to me and the camera.

Well, a few days ago I was able to capture a few of his dance moves while he wasn't looking. (You'll notice that he was concentrating on the music so much that he had his eyes closed.) Once he opens his eyes and sees the camera, the dancing turns to running around in circles to just plain acting silly.

While I'm still trying to capture the "Ultimate Dance Video," I couldn't resist posting this one as it is so representative of my mornings and afternoons with my little boy. His crazy antics are a constant source of entertainment.


  1. Love this video! I especially like how he had to close his eyes while he's gettin' down - Georgia likes to spin around like that too! This video is definitely a keeper. I also can't capture Georgia dancing on camera either. She either turns into a statue and stares at the camera blankly, or starts a conversation, "Hi! Mama, HI!"

  2. Funny how kids can clam up or ham up when a camera is involved. They are so aware of all of the technology around them. In my 2-year-old class at parent's day out, one of the babies took the chubby Little Tikes telephone off of the kitchen set, pointed it at another baby and said, "smile." I cracked up. In her 2-yr-old mind the phone is not something with which to speak to another person, but something to take pictures with. Hilarious! You'll have to strategically place the camera somewhere so Lewie doesn't realize it's capturing what he's doing! Of course, he might not stay in the general vicinity long enough to get good footage. Oh well. What can you do? -EW

  3. Thanks for becoming a new follower. Im so glad there is someone out there that actualy knows what a Gamecock is. lol Love your blog and happy to be a new follower of yours. :)

  4. Love IT! So cute! My boys love to dance too, and when you watch them having SO much fun...its priceless!


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