Monday's Mommy Moment-Do You Think I'm Sleeping?


A few months ago, Lil' Lewie learned how to make a snoring sound. I'm not sure where he picked it up. Perhaps he heard Daddy snore after he fell asleep downstairs in his recliner or perhaps I taught him (unknowingly) by pretending to fall asleep one day.

In any case, Lil' Lewie likes to pretend like he's fallen asleep too. He'll lay down on the couch (or on the floor), rest his head on one of our throw pillows, and then make little snoring sounds with his mouth. The only problem (for him) is that he does all of this with his eyes wide open. It's hillarious.

If I mention that it's time for me to change his clothes or change his diaper, he'll immediately assume the 'I'm pretending to be asleep' position with his eyes open the whole time. "Oh, are you sleeping?" I ask seriously. This prompts him to make even more snoring sounds for emphasis.

This week, I noticed that Lil' Lewie is getting better with his acting skills. While he doesn't officially close his eyes now, he does, at the very least, squint to make them appear to be shut. This makes me laugh even more because it means the temptation of watching me and my expression is just too great; he has to keep his eyes open (even if it's just a little) to see my reaction.

Below is a photo of Lewie assuming 'the pretend' position and then a photo of Lewie actually sleeping. Oh, my little boy never fails to entertain...


  1. So cute!!! I think it is cute when they do!!

  2. That is so funny and cute! What a riot!!

  3. Ha ha ha, I love it! Scotty does the same thing...most of the time it's when we're getting ready to do something he doesn't want to do. I much prefer "I'm asleep" to "my legs don't work"!

  4. Thanks for all of your comments. Sandy, I agree with you. I prefer "I'm asleep" over "my legs don't work." At 35 pounds, he's too heavy to carry around for a long time. I pray that his "legs work."

  5. That is just really too cute! They get such a kick out of "fooling" us don't they? Adorable.

  6. My son's new thing is drinking from his cup and saying "Ah! That's dee-licious!".

    The snoring pic is priceless...even if it is staged ;)

  7. I loved this entry, what a fun kid! :D


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