Monday's Mommy Moment-The Two Lew Barbeque


This weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting the "Two Lew Barbeque." I knew my husband was turning 40, so as early as last year, I asked him how he wanted to celebrate it.

Me: "So Lewie, do you want to do a fun getaway weekend with the three of us, a romantic getaway for just the two of us, a small intimate party with close family and friends, a night out with some friends, or a big bash?"

I think I was secretly hoping that he'd choose the romantic getaway option, but my husband already had his mind made up.

Husband: "I want to celebrate my birthday with my son's birthday. I want to do 'The Two Lew Barbeque.'"

And that was it. "The Two Lew Barbeque" was born. The name rolled off of my husband's tongue so easily that I knew he must have been planning it for quite some time. As the list grew to over 100 people, I knew this wasn't going to be an easy party to handle at home. In fact, our home was just too small (and boring) to handle over 50 families with their young kids.

After months of researching, I found a wonderful outside venue that would do a cookout for us while letting us use their entire grounds (complete with a large outside tent, patio, pool, basketball court, volleyball court, toddler play area, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and a large field.) The funny part is that I came to this place for a summer camp trip when I was only 7 years old. It was a dream come true because for less money than most restaurants charge, we had a cookout and the entire outdoor facility reserved just for us!

Yesterday, we have a beautiful day to celebrate my husband's 40th and my little boy's 2nd birthday. In fact, it was so breezy and comfortable that it was hard to leave the patio area to try the pool (a surprise for August). All in all, the food was great, the cream cheese carrot cake was delicious, and my two Lew's received many thoughtful gifts. However, the highlight of the party was to see how many wonderful family members and friends came to celebrate this special day with my Lew's. Big Lew and Little Lew couldn't possibly leave this party without feeling and knowing that they ARE LOVED!

Here are a few photos highlighting the day's acitivities. My favorite "mommy moments" are recorded below. At one point, while opening the gifts, my Lil' Lewie was receiving so much help from his cousin Frankie and his little friend Ryan that he sat back in his stroller with his hands up to his head. If he could talk, I know he'd be saying something like, "Ahhh, this is the life."

Then, while I was struggling to take a quick picture of the cake before they started serving it, I noticed I caught my little boy "red handed" as he was sneaking a taste of some of the frosting on the side. His little frosting mustache proves he's guilty as charged.


  1. Happy Birthday to your two Lew's. What a great celebration for the two of them (and for you, too, since you didn't have to roast hot dogs and worry about all of the "little stuff"). Your venue sounds like every party planner's dream come true. The cake looks and sounds heavenly. Maybe I'll make some carrot muffins for breakfast. Have a great week. -Eastlyn

  2. Happy birthday to your best men! This looks like such a fun party - I love the name! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is my absolute favorite cake. Have a great day!

  3. We partied it up this weekend too, but on a much smaller scale!

    Your son is adorable. I love the pic of him with his hands behind his head!!

  4. ah sounds like a great day for father and son. Thanks for your visit - I'm your newest follower :)

  5. So nice!! I am following you back!

  6. Sounds like a great day. I am your newest follower from Mingle Monday.

  7. Hey, Thanks for becoming a new follower on my blog. I'm now following you also. Your little boy is absolutely adorable. I'm glad your birthday celebration went well and the weather was so nice for you guys :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your men! These are great pictures! It sounds like a wonderful day, and maybe the start of a new tradition LOL!

  9. Happy Birthday to the Lew's! Looks like you all had a blast!


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