Friday Fun Flick: Falling into Leaves Just Isn't My Thing


Okay, it's offical.  Little Lewie doesn't like getting dirty.  He went through a brief stage of actually enjoying playing in the dirt and mud puddles, but that stage has left.  I first noticed that he wasn't so crazy about it after trying to get him to help me plant bulbs in our garden.  Now, I noticed it again as Daddy and I tossed him into a pile of leaves.

As far as I can remember (which was probably back to age five) I loved jumping in the leaves.  It was fun to hear them crinkle and even better to cover every inch of my body (except for my head).  Little Lewie's perspective on leaves is, well, a tad bit different...

After this short video, I managed to take a couple of other revealing shots...

"Mom, why did you put me here?"

"I don't think I like this.  Can you pick me up now?"

"Yuck, do I have a leaf on my jacket?"

"Unbelievable.  My jacket's all dirty now!"

So far my Little Lewie is not too crazy about pumpkins and not a big fan of leaves...I guess fall might not be the favorite season this year...

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, he's so adorable. I love how he's trying to get that leaf off his jacket without actually touching it :)

  2. I definitely chuckled - Georgia is pretty much the same! I love the Lewie didn't want to touch the leaves. Georgia will go so far as to ask to wash her hands if she touches the dirt outside. I try to tell her to "dust it off" but she's adamant that I get a wipe out or take her to wash hands.

  3. Love your commentary. Too cute. I love how he goes to touch the leaves in the video like "well, maybe this isn't so bad" and then throws his hands back up in the air crying. hehe.

  4. Good for him!!!! I love that he's comfortable expressing his own preferences ;-)

    He's precious!

  5. Ha, but it sure makes for cute pictures and video! :)

    Maybe the pumpkins and leaves will grow on him?!

  6. That is my kind of kid :) I'm the same way, I hate to get too dirty. Scotty loves it. He had a blast at the pumpkin patch while I watched thinking "I am REALLY going to need to do laundry..." He'll love winter when there's snow at least, right? Who can hate snow?

  7. Hahaha. Little Lewie just blew out my eardrums! (I was listening with headphones). This is so funny because I have some very similar pics from this weekend. Nate doesn't love getting dirty either. Neither does his cousin. Hmmm... Well, I can't complain. Maybe you'll have better luck with the snow!

  8. It's funny how they always surprise you by what they like and don't like.

  9. LOL, I love it! Be happy because it won't last forever. At least it didn't for my oldest, he was very much the same and with some things he is still particular. He does not like getting messy while eating at all but he has gotten over the dirt and mud he now enjoys getting filthy outdoors LOL

  10. So funny! I love the pictures of him looking at the leaf on his sleeve and them picking it off. So cute!


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