Monday's Mommy Moment: Costume Themes


My husband and I have decided to trade years on Halloween.  You see, I like dressing my little guy in cute Halloween outfits, and my husband likes to choose more "boy" type outfits.  I know one day, probably very soon, Little Lewie will be choosing his own Halloween costumes, but in the meantime, we get to choose...

"Hey everyone. Look...I'm a pumpkin!"

"I'm way cuter than this pumpkin next to me!"

During Little Lewie's first Halloween, I had the chance to choose.  I won the right because two months earlier, I gave birth to him after 14 hours of labor.
"Look everyone!  It's me and Gramy."
"Grrrrrrr.  Don't mess with me!"
"Check out my light sabor!"

Last year, my husband had the chance to choose, and he chose the Star Wars Yoda costume.  At first, I wasn't thrilled with the selection, but after I saw him wear it, I loved it!  My little 14 month old just adored his light sabor.    That year, not only did he get a chance to visit Gramy at work in her office, but he also had the chance to participate in the local library's Halloween party and to go out trick-or-treating.  When we went from door to door in our neighborhood, we kept him in his stroller while he waved around his light sabor.  All our neighbors laughed at his antics. 

This year, it was my turn to choose.  I think it's a cute costume, but I'm not going to reveal it yet... 

I hope everyone has fun this week!


  1. He looks so adorable in both costumes! I am like you I want to dress my boys in cute costumes and the hubby wants "boy" costumes. Now Myles is picking out his own, last year and this year. So of course Wyatt has to be just like his big bro and be the same thing LOL. I miss picking them out myself =( But they still look cute either way. Just like your little man, you could put him in a brown bag and everyone would think he looked cute LOL!

  2. That's a great tradition - well, at least until Lewie wants to choose his own costume. I love both the costumes, and I'm excited to see what you've chosen! I'm always the one who picks Georgia's costume, mostly because Jeremy doesn't really care. I think if we ever have a boy, he would want more say, but he just tries to steer clear of pink!

  3. I just posted a comment and then clicked off before the word thing. Arg. Love the pumpkin, but have a soft spot for Yoda! Can't wait to see the costume this year!

  4. I just posted a comment and then clicked off before the word thing. Arg.

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  6. SO cute and can't wait to see what MOMMY picked for him this year??!

  7. Haha. Love it. Can't wait to see what you picked out :) My littlest was a pumpkin last year...he's a pirate this year ;)

  8. Such a darling little Pumpkin! Loved the leaves video too! He would probably love leaves if you told him he couldn't play in them...least that's the way my kids seemed to be :o) No means yes...right?
    I am your newest Follower, hope you can stop by for a visit!

    Thanks, Becky Jane
    Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!

  9. So cute, I love both of them! The light sabor is so cool, I can see what he loved it! can't wait to see this years costume!


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