Monday's Mommy Moment: Where's My Little Pumpkin?


Lil' Lewie has now officially gone on three pumpkin picking experiences in his two short years.  During his first experience, at two months old, he stayed mostly in his carseat/baby carrier while we brought him on a hayride and then proceeded to pick out a pumpkin for him.  During the excursion, we did manage to take a couple of fun pictures of him with us.

Big Lew and Lil' Lew

Me and My Lil' Pumpkin
Last year, we brought Lil' Lewie to a different farm and released him within the sea of pumpkins that were spread out in a large grass field.  He crawled a little and then mostly sat while he explored everything around him.  We had a blast watching him.

Lil' Lewie Waiting for the "Great Pumpkin"

There's My Lil' Pumpkin

This year, with my little guy now walking running, I didn't know what to expect.  I figured I would just release him in the sea of pumpkins like we did last year and watch him explore.  Well, my plan backfired.  Big time.  This year, Lil' Lewie showed no interest in the pumpkins at all.  In fact, each time I brought him to the patch, he'd run in the opposite direction. 

"Wait Lewie.  Come back here!  Don't you want to see the pumpkins?  Please.  Mommy wants to take a picture of you.  Look.  Look at this little pumpkin..."

Yes, I did everything.  First I begged.  "Please Lewie.  Please stay for a minute."

When that didn't work, I tried to coax him.  "Lewie.  Look here.  Isn't this such a neat pumpkin..."

When that didn't work, I dragged him.  "Common, just one picture!"

When that didn't work, I sighed, and tried again a few days later.

Nope.  This little boy was interested in anything ANYTHING other than the pumpkin patch--the barn, the animals, the tractors, the cars, our car, the mums, people... I could have got a million shots of those backgrounds...  Anyways, here are my three pathetic pictures of Lil' Lewie darting away from the pumpkin patch.  Yes, my Lil' Pumpkin was far, far, away from the others.  Oh well, there's always next year!

"Lil' Lewie, Dont You Wanna See the Pumpkins?"

"Common, I know You Want to See the Pumpkins."

"Please don't run away.  I just want one picture."

Yes, My Lil' Pumpkin Has a Mind of His Own Sometimes.


  1. I so understand that! We sometimes have to totally coerce Georgia into sitting for a picture. Many of the pictures of her smiling sweetly are taken with Jeremy making a fool of himself long enough to distract her from the fact that I'm trying to take a picture. But the ones of Lewie running away are much better in the end, it shows his love of exploration!

  2. Aw! Nate doesn't want to cooperate for pictures much lately either :( That last one of Lil Lewie in the patch this year with the scowly face is so cute. I love seeing the year to year progression! Better luck next year!

  3. That's hilarious! It really is understandable considering all the cool things they had to do their. I mean, if you're a little boy, wouldn't animals or tractors be infinitely more interesting than some pumpkins that are just sitting there, doing nothing? BORING!

  4. There comes a time in every mom's life when her children are no longer interested in "hamming it up" for photo ops. Sounds like this is one of them. I have got to dig out a photo of my Aaron when he was 3 and I dressed him up as a scarecrow for his Halloween party at Parent's Day Out. He was the most adorable little sad scarecrow ever! Evidently, he let him mom's enthusiasm for the costume idea coerce him into thinking it would be a good idea, but the pillow down the front of his overalls and raffia sticking out of his straw hat and collar just weren't his idea of a good time in the long run! I managed to snap a pic with a hint of a smile. Better luck next go round!

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  8. Wanted to let you know that I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award :) I'm sure you've already received it but I've really been enjoying your blog.

  9. Kids, kids, kids! We've all been there...and it's a phase that he might grow out of...but then again, maybe not. He's still a cutie, even if he didn't want to "pose" for the pics!

    Following you back now...thanks for the follow!

  10. I love seeing each years photos, so fun! Sounds like he is definitely developing a mind of his own and quite a little stubborn streak! Hope he cooperates better next year!


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