My Ideal Home...


My ideal home has plush new carpeting and rugs
There are no stains on couches
And no crumbs to attract bugs

My ideal home has a shiny kitchen floor
There is no mud from traffic
And no dirt from the front door

My ideal home has no dishes in the sink
There are no dirty pots and pans
Nor plates of food that stink

My ideal home has no clutter on countertops
There is no pile of junk mail
And no orphaned lids and tops

My ideal home has a freshly made-up bed
There are no wrinkled, dirty sheets
And no ratty, torn bedspread

My ideal home has decorations galore
There are no mismatched trinkets
Nor toys strewn about the floor

My ideal home never needs dusting
There are no cobwebs on the ceiling
Nor iron railings that may be rusting

My ideal home has perfect, natural light
There are no filthy windows
Nor broken blinds that wreck the sight

My ideal home has a place for everything
There are no foreign objects
Like screws, brass rings, and things

My ideal home has closets oh so tidy and neat
There are no shoes in piles
Nor clothes piled above my feet

My ideal home is full of love and joy
In the end, that's all that really matters
For us and our little boy.


  1. What a sweet poem! Love is really what's most important in the family home, even if that means that some of the cleaning goes a little to the wayside. Hope your day is great!

  2. I love your poems! Your ideal home sounds a lot like MY ideal home :)

  3. You always have the best poems. I am so impressed! Sounds like a wonderful home and I love the ending, so sweet!

  4. I step on toys all the time! Ha! I would love it to be tidy and organized closets. But most of all I want Little Chick to feel happy and to have fun and to feel a home with love! Thank you for your sweet comment Annette. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  5. So sweet. Luckily the only thing I have going for me here is the last line and you're right it's all that matters :)

  6. I would love a home like this too :) But, love and joy is what I strive for for my family too :)
    Great poem!

  7. Very good one, I think this is my ideal home too :)

  8. Bravo- loved this. What a great house is lived and loved in.


  9. Good job with your poetry. I'd like to live in your ideal home, too. So far, my sink has been shiny (well, as shiny as porcelain vs stainless steele can be) for 12 days straight with Fly Lady's help! She's all about "baby steps" and establishing a reasonable routine for keeping your house free of chaos (can't have anyone over syndrome). I'm loving this journey. Check her out at Soon you will be living in your ideal home! Happy belated birthday to you. I'm behind but saw the beginning of one of last week's posts. Can't wait to catch up!

  10. You are one creative woman! LOVE it. Witty, humorous and real. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hey Annette, I just stopped by to say hi! I really hope you and your family are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope you enjoy this beautiful weekend!

    Mama Hen

  12. What a great poem and so true! I have to say that I totally agree one hundred percent!

  13. Thank you, now I am convinced I don't need to clean the house for at least another week.

  14. I was just ranting and raving to my husband about how filthy the house is. After that, I spent the next few hours after the kids went to bed cleaning. It only took a few minutes after the kids woke up the following day for the house to be it's usual mess. Somehow I wouldn't have it any other way.


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