Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons Why Cell Phones are Annoying


I understand that cell phones have their advantages, and yes, I have one.  Mine is rather cheap, but I do use it (along with my blue tooth) to talk to friends and family.  I also love the security of having it for emergencies.  With that said, however, I also find cell phones incredibly annoying.  Take today for an example.  My husband, Lil' Lewie, and I were outside raking leaves in our yard.  While it is not the easiest chore, I did enjoy having this time together as a family.  My husband and I had fun tossing Lil' Lewie into a few leaf piles and watching his reactions.  Within the first fifteen minutes that we start raking, my husband receives a text--it's his sister making plans for later that day.  Of course, he feels the need to respond.  Ten minutes later, it's a friend wanting to go fishing.  A few minutes later, it's someone else.  While my husband is having all these interruptions, I'm just trying to enjoy the present moment of spending time with him and my son.

This is not the only time that the cell phone interrupts our family time.  Sometimes we'll be in the middle of watching TV together, and my husband will receive a call or a text.  He responds, which gives me the impression that it's more important that he tells his family what he's doing tomorrow rather than watch the show with me.  Other times, he's receiving texts from his boss--and it's no longer working hours!  Ugh!

I'll have to admit...I was almost swayed to buy a top of the line cell phone.  I enjoy blogging so much that it would be convenient to be able to tweet and check my comments and emails on a minute by minute basis.  It would also be fun to check my Facebook account, check my work schedule, record and send videos, etc.  Still, I had to remind myself of one thing--I have a family and a little guy that needs me first.  Do I worry about staying connected on my cell phone, or do I worry about my son and his needs throughout the day?  Being on my cell phone all the time would give him the impression that he doesn't matter, and I couldn't ever, ever let that happen for a moment.  So, I opted to stay away from the temptation.

I may sound a little old fashioned here, but regardless, here are my top ten reasons on why cell phones are just plain annoying.

10.  The reception.  Here in Connecticut, we have a lot of mountainous terrain, which means that usually 50% of my conversation sounds like this: "Can you hear me now?  How about now?  Now?  Can you hear me now? What about now?"

 9.   The rudeness.  Today I hear people having conversations with their friends and family practically everywhere.  They could be talking while standing in line at the grocery store, while ordering at Burger King, or before mass starts at church.  I mean really.  Is the conversation that important?  Obviously it is because it keeps people from acknowledging each other in person.

8.  The interruptions.  As I mentioned before, cell phones often interrupt the moment.  They can interrupt a special date, a special time with your little one, and even a special time of self-reflection.  At times, they can be down right intrusive.  Most messages CAN WAIT!

7.  The spelling.  As a college English instructor, it's frustrating to receive papers that now use the letter "u" for "you", "i" for "I", or other texting language and symbols for words.  It is changing the way students spell and think about writing at the most fundamental level. 

6.  The plans.  If your cell phone dies or has an accident before your plan is up, you're usually required to buy another phone at full price, which easily becomes another $100 to $400 investment.

5.  The urgency.  When we receive texts or voice mail messages, most of us feel like it's necessary to respond right away--even when it's not about something important.  It makes us stop what we're doing and keeps us from focusing on our present moment.

4.  The price.  Cell phones and cell phone plans are not cheap.  Let's face it.  It's an added expense just like paying to have internet connection is and an added expense. Before the 1980's/90's, we didn't have this extra bill.

3.  The secrecy.  We knew a lot more about who our spouses were talking to and making plans with when friends and family had to call on the home phone.  Now that my huband has a cell phone, I have no idea who's on the other line. 

2.  The addiction.  We get addicted to cell phones just like anything else.  They become such an extension of us that we can't imagine going anywhere or doing anything without one.  (This is especially true of my college students who can't seem to stop calling or texting even during an important class session.) 

1.  Distracted driving. Texting and driving don't mix.  Need I say more?

Bonus:  The influence.  Now children as early as seven years old are asking for their own cell phones.   I'm not going to enjoy the day that my son asks for one because his friends have one.  At age seven, I'm not going to feel the need that he has to call me from school and tell me how his day is going.  I have to trust that everything is okay at some point.  (Isn't this how helicopter parenting begins?)


  1. I adore my iPhone, but not the phone component! I hate cell phones. They're convenient and necessary, but I avoid using mine unless I absolutely have to!

  2. I so agree! I can't stand the constant interruptions - especially during family time. Texting and checking scores are not that important. The constant need to be on the phone absolutely makes the people you are with feel not as important. And number 7 is really disturbing!

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  4. I so agree with this post! I thought the same thing about getting an upgraded cell phone, but instead opted for the cheap/no-frills option. Since all of my family lives far, I do use my cell phone to talk to them. But I've taken to turning the ringer off while Georgia's awake, so that I can be more present with her. I don't want her memories of me to be always on the phone, gabbing away while just taking care of her basic needs. I want her to remember that I put her first, and spent time doing fun things, uninterrupted by distracting phone calls.

  5. Love this post! I agree with all of these, especially number one---the distracted driving! I was sitting at a stop light the other day and counted the number of cars that whizzed by with drivers on cell phones. The number of those chatting away was astronomical! No wonder there are so many wrecks on the road.

    I love that picture of your little digital wonder in the previous post! Too cute!

  6. I don't have one, and probably won't until I need one for business. When I leave (and here's a novel idea) I don't often want to be located. :)
    Great post.

  7. Love this!! I too have a cheap phone and why I think at times it would be nice to have the fancy features I think I am way better without it!

    I am so not a phone person and I know people get mad at me for not answering all the time. Well I'm busy! I don't have time to chat! :)

  8. Hey I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say how much I like it. Thanks for your posts. I am now a follower here. I will be back for more updates! :-)

  9. I love your list. And although I am totally one of those people with the phone that does everything LOL. I still really hate the interruptions too! I have also started turning my ringer off so that way during those family times I am not distracted by the phone, I am working on getting my husband to do the same thing LOL but it is easier said then done LOL!

    Another one to add to the list is the annoying habit that some people have when they are talking to you and then get a text and then they are fiddling with their phone while having a conversation with you! That bugs me so much! I need eye contact people! LOL!

  10. Hey, I found your blog via Jesse&Taylor and also saw you follow The Mommyhood Memos...two of my favs so I thought I would check yours out. LOVE it. Just spent some time looking at older posts. You're very talented. New follower here :)

    I totally agree with your list! I'm guilty of some (well, most) from time to time and have to remind myself to ignore it. We have dedicated family night where our cell phones (and other technology) get turned off.

    Great list.


  11. I couldn't agree more. I'm thinking of getting rid of mine.

    I like your blog! I'm your newest follower. :) (Us big footed sisters have got to stick together. lol)

  12. I agree with all your points, especially about all the young children who are getting cell phones! There is no telling who they are talking to when a child has this kind of "freedom".
    Thanks for stopping by my WWednesday blog post today and posting a comment!
    Have a blessed week!
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"

  13. I am in complete agreement. You have some of my biggest annoyances up here! The family time distraction is a big one for me. My husband is addicted to his phone and I know that it's often work but really, you have to take the call or test back in the middle of dinner or while we are playing with Avery. The spelling is another one of my pet peeves. Spelling is already such an issue and texting makes it so much worse. My dad teaches middle school and he constantly sees u, w/, 2, b/c, etc. in the middl of students formal writings! And driving while texting and call is one of the worst, so dangerous!

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  15. *hanging head in shame* It took me years, but I buckled and got texting a week or so ago...and I love it. The problem is, it's how my whole family keeps in touch. AND it's quite a bit cheaper than our old plan with minutes that we never used. I'm getting used to it still, but I have been guilty of grabbing it as soon as I hear that beep that I have a text. At the same time, I'm so used to my old phone and not using it much that I don't have a problem leaving it in my purse and walking away. And I will admit that I've been guilty of texting while sitting in traffic. I swore I wouldn't, but after 10 minutes of sitting in traffic the other day I broke down and texted my sister who was waiting for me. I do have to pay by the minute to talk, but texting is unlimited...I love it. BUT I'm working very hard to not become my little sis, she is horrible about ignoring everyone while she responds to texts on her phone. Also, I'm the one that takes forever to text back because I'm actually spelling out the words. I hate when people use u, 2, etc. It just looks wrong and I can't do it!


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