Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs that You Might be Spooked!


I am a BIG wimp when it comes to watching anything scary. Yes, I've seen quite a few creepy movies in my day. In fact, I've even been to see the Warren's (a married couple that used to act like the real life Ghost Busters and track down spirits.) However, even though I have watched and listened to many spooky stories (both ones that claim to be real and ones that are not), I still don't handle the information well. In fact, I don't handle it well at all!

At best, some of these spooky sights or sounds will stay with me for a week, and at worst, they will stay with me for years. Yes, oh, yes, I am a scaredy cat. BIG TIME. My mind starts to play tricks on me, and the next thing I know, I'm suddenly "hearing" and "seeing" things that keep me from being able to go to bed and get a decent night's sleep, especially when my husband isn't home.

Is this you?  Here are another ten signs that you might be spooked.

10. You're constantly looking behind you because you feel like you're being followed. (Or worse, you think you feel someone's breath on your neck.)

9. You stand outside your infant's door wondering who on earth he or she could be talking to...After all, you left the room, and there's nobody hope!

8. You need to have the TV on constantly. Otherwise, you hear all the creeks and unusual noises of the house settling...or someone or something settling inside your house.

7. When it's nightfall, you make sure to put on all the lights in every single room of the house. That way, if there is a ghost, it won't be able to follow you undetected in the dark.  (It won't be able to glow in the dark, like you often see in the movies, either.)

6. The white bathrobe hanging up behind your bedroom door suddenly starts to look like the image of your great-great grandmother that's hanging on the wall at your parents' house. 

5. You can't help but notice that the cat is following something back and forth with its eyes until it freaks out and goes into the other room. Gulp. You wonder if you should leave the room with this kind of urgency too! Now you're alone...with it.

4. You know that someone passed away in the house, and you suddenly start to feel like a presence is there even when you're supposed to be by yourself.

3. The curtains start to rustle for no reason. Could it be the heating vent above them...or is some mysterious force shaking them?

2. You wake up in the middle of the night panicked because you suddenly feel light and airy, like you might be levitating!

1. You don't go anywhere near Ouija-boards.  Period.

Bonus:  You search all the closets in your room before going to bed.  Even more, you make sure they are all closed, so if something is lurking inside, somehow, it can't get out.  (In reality, a closed closet door never stopped anyone, but it still makes you feel secure to know that it's not open--not even a crack.)

And now a joke for the holiday to quell all of your "spooked" least mine.

Q: Why do cemetaries have fences around them?
A: Because people are dying to get in...


  1. number 8 is very true for me.. lol..i enjoyed your post... =)

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  4. Hi! Just stopping by and following your blog from Tag- A -Long Tuesday.

  5. Oh my goodness. I am the exact same way. I hate scary movies and being spooked! I always check behind the bathroom curtain too...just in case.

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  7. I love your Spooked list! I am a huge wimp too when it comes to being scared. I will never watch a scary movie by choice... ever. And I definitely freak myself out every week when my husband has night school - I always end up rechecking all our locks to make sure nobody can get in while I'm all alone!

  8. I agree with number 1. They scare me! I LOVE reading about and watching TV shows about the paranormal! I don't get too easily spooked.

  9. My cousin is going to love love love that joke! I get so weirded out when GG looks and talks when there's no one in the creepy!

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  11. I'm a big chicken turd! I'm scared of everything...always thinking something bad is going to happen. I can't watch suspenseful anything because I have a very over-active imagination. My sis used to scare me until I would pee my pants, and that dude from "unsolved mysteries" haunts me in the dark!!

  12. What a great list! Yes, I think I can check off at least half of these.

  13. I've never liked "scary" movies because I find them annoying more than scary. Of course, I haven't seen any of the "new" stuff with modern special effects (vs. the Hershey's chocolate syrup for blood in Friday the 13th or whatever that famous horror flick with Jason and the chain saw...see how bad I am with "scary movies"?). I don't tend to be spooked. I love a quiet house, setting roof sounds and all. I will turn out all of the lights and navigate in the dark even if I'm by myself. I prefer "angels" vs. ghosts or demons & I don't mind their presence. Hopefully, all will be well with you until all of the "spooky" stuff is past. ::insert Vincent Price laugh::
    BTW, thanks so much for the thoughtful comments and prayers sent my way. -E


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