The Toy Project


It's that time of year again.  The time for 'Santa' to start assessing Little Lewie's toys.  Since most of his toys are scattered around our living room, I begin to make piles--the first pile are the toys he still likes to play with and the other pile are toys that he hasn't touched in months.  Since he's not old enough to make a list for Santa Claus, I need to start playing a little guesswork.  A million thoughts run through my head... 

My living room on a 'good' day.

Since he really loves to play cars, maybe I should buy him a few more...Although, maybe he has enough cars already.  Does he really need more than four cars?  Maybe I should buy him something educational--maybe something like a LeapFrog Laptop that teaches him his alphabet.  Or, maybe something crafty?  Well, he doesn't like clay, so play doh is out for the moment...He already has enough crayons and markers.  Does he like to build?  Maybe Legos.

The list in my head goes on and on, but at the end of all the considering, I usually come to one main conclusion:  We already have enough toys.  We already have educational toys, crafty toys, building toys, bikes, cars, and trucks.  Do we really need to buy more stuff?  What is the limit?  When does an innocent holiday like Christmas turn into a day of materialism and greed? 

I've been to Christmas get-togethers where children have so many presents that they don't even get excited when they open a new one.  In fact, if it's not something they wanted, they simply throw the toy in a heap of other 'misfit toys.'  When this occurs, the holiday is no longer about the feelings of love and appreciation; it's more about "Did I get what I want?"

For now, I think I've narrowed down the list to four Santa presents.  (Of course, he will get more from friends and family.)  I want the holiday to be magical, but I don't want to go overboard.  Besides, there simply isn't any space left in our living room.

How about you?  Will Santa be leaving a lot of presents under your Christmas tree?


  1. We're probably going to buy Georgia a few things, and stuff her stocking with some small toys I've found. But really, I'm with you - she has a million toys and she doesn't really need more. She's still young for "wanting" anything, so we're buying her some of the things she really needs - a new jacket and some snow mittens. There will be plenty of years to come with all the toys they want so badly.

  2. we are doing less toys, very few...sending some of our toys we have now to kids less fortunate, so I think they have plenty. We did get the boys new beds, so that's their big "Santa" gift! I think we ALL agree, we have enough toys, huh?! Ha!

  3. There's just something about the look on a toddler's face when the "get it" and get excited about opening packages. I'm definitely not the one to ask for advice about getting rid of stuff. My kids are 12 and 14 and there are probably a couple of stuffed animals and teething rings still lying around here. Once you start that train rolling it builds momentum. Have you seen Veggie Tales' "The Toy That Saved Christmas"? It clearly outlines how all of the materialism takes over the true meaning of Christmas. Little Lewie is probably too young still to understand, but it's fun to watch (our public library has DVDs you can check out like books).
    Things kids want nowadays are SOOO expensive: cell phones, laptop computers, video games. When I was a kid, we got some essentials (i.e., underwear and socks), a few toys and a $50 bike or boom box was a "big ticket" item. My daughter wants an iPod, so the hubs and I went to look at some and I almost fainted when the cheapest one (about the size of the memory card for my digital camera which means it will be lost within 72 hours of my daughter opening it) was $150.00!! My son wants the Kinect thing that makes your body into the controller for XBox 360 games: $150.00 and no one has them in stock. I let them know it's okay to ask for whatever they want, but I help them understand that they more than likely won't get most of it. It's okay not to shower Little Lewie with a bunch of stuff he doesn't really need. I've always liked the idea of "putting away" some of the toys and rotating them from time to time throughout the year. When Little Lewie gets a little tired of playing with this set of toys, put them on the closet shelf and take down another set. Less mess for you to have to pick up and it offers variety for him. Good luck!

  4. Oh I always go overboard! ;) Then regret it later. When my kids were in the toy stages more, whether it be birthday or Christmas, they had to give up just as many toys as they received and we donated them. Happy meal toys did not count either. But its good to start them young on how you are giving your things to someone who can appreciate them. Now I wish for toys... Nintendo is sucking my wallet dry this year...

  5. Thank you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I know it was weeks ago, but I'm truly greatful.

    Now, back to the toys! It is not only my living room that's full of toys, it's my entire house. H and I have decided to purchase 1-2 big purchases for the kids. I'm sure they'll get more "little" toys from friends and family. I too want them to appreciate the holidays and what it really means.

  6. I replied to your post, but I wanted to also say here that I am very thankful for your nominating me for Versatile blogger! Sorry for the delay.

    I agree that it's often hard not to go overboard when it comes to spending on our children. But, at the same time, I think it is also important that we teach them that holidays are about more than just what stuff they can get from others.

    I have also seen children who have been given so much that each new thing received is hardly significant. It's sad, really. :(

    I want my children to enjoy the holidays for reasons other than what they may or may not get from someone else.

  7. Annette I always love to buy art. You can alway make something with little ones. Paint, glue, glitter, stickers, paper, etc. I also love the Alex stes you can get. They are realy great! I also love books. We read our books over and over again. We have a lot also, but we read them all. Little Chick picks out things she would like to give away to children who need toys. I also went through a bunch of things she no lobger needs. I hope all is well my friend! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I love your suggestions about ways to keep Christmas magical but without breaking the bank...

  9. We're having a light Christmas this year...Scotty actually sat on Santa's lap and told him "I want a red truck like Cousin Tyler's" and I got him that. Otherwise he got some army men and board games I picked up for cheap at Goodwill. He's more into decorating the tree, talking about Santa and all the sweets than the presents. I love it :) And I'm with you, way too many toys! I've been going through toys and books, clothes, stuffed animals, etc. weeding things out and giving away to Goodwill. We have so much family (hubby is adopted, so we have double!) and this kid gets super spoiled for birthdays and Christmas!


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