Friday Fun Flick: Shoveling Is HARD Work!


We started out the week feeling sick, and we're ending the week feeling just as exhausted and miserable.  For some reason, we can't seem to kick this nasty flu/virus that's going around.  (Although we do appreciate your virtual hugs and chicken soup that is being sent our way!)

This week, when we could, Little Lewie and I would go outside for some fresh air (even if it were for 15 or 20 minutes).  We didn't get more snow, thankfully, but Little Lewie grabbed his shovel anyways.  Usually when Daddy and I are shoveling, Little Lewie is sitting cozy inside the house, but I guess he's watched us through the windows on more than one occasion.  Without even prompting him, I was surprised when he grabbed his "gardening" shovel out from the garage and decided to use it to shovel the walkways.  (It's amazing what our little ones pick up on when no one is watching.) 

Here, in this video, Little Lewie is (less than enthusiastically) helping Mommy and Daddy shovel the walkways.  As you can see from the couple of times he takes breaks to the ending where he just throws down his shovel, shoveling snow is HARD work, even for toddlers with light, plastic green shovels.

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Stay Warm!


  1. oh no, still sick?! You poor things....GET WELL SOON :(

  2. Workin so hard! Goodness, shoveling is awful. But it can be a great workout. And it's so true..the little ones learn so much without needing to be instructed. Sometimes to our chagrin. Ha! Well I hope you sleep lots and get over that flu nastiness. :)

  3. So sorry you guys are under the weather! But what a cute little "helper", no matter how un-excited he is about helping!

    Get well soon...

  4. Hahaha, little Lewie is too adorable, "shoveling" the walk like his mom and dad. I'm so sorry you guys are all still sick up there! Get lots of rest, watch some bad daytime television, and get well soon!

  5. So sorry you all are sick, no fun! So cute that little Lewie is "shoveling." It's so funny the things kids pick up on. Avery has totally gotten into "helping" around the house. I love it but it definitely make everything take a bit longer to get done.


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