Monday's Mommy Moment: My Funny Valentine


It's official.  My little two year old has a crush.  She's about the same age as Lewie, and they met, surprise surprise, at daycare.  Was it love at first sight?  Oh, I can't say, but I can say that as I picked up my little boy on Friday, he was heartbroken to see her get whisked away by her mom.  As she and her mom made their way to the door, Lewie screamed, "No, no, no!" 

"What's wrong Lewie?" I asked, looking up from his locker.

My eyes met the mom and the little girl.  With the sweetest of voices, this cute little angel with brunette ringlet curls, smiled at Lewie  and said, "Bye, Bye Lou Lou."

"No, no, no," cried Lewie again shaking his finger as if he were scolding her.

"Lewie," Annalise has to go home with her mom now.  "You'll see her again on Monday," I replied.  (As we know, it's next to impossible to rationalize with a two year old.)

Annalise left, but my little boy was still upset.  When I told my husband the story, he laughed.

"Every time I drop Lewie off at daycare, he runs to greet Annalise.  I'm surprised you're just finding this out now.  They've been an item for a while."

"Oh really," I said surprised.

So, my little boy has a crush.  We'll have to make sure to put an extra heart sticker on her Valentine's Day card next week.


  1. HOW ADORABLE!!! His first Valentine :)

  2. That's SOOO sweet! Just in time for Valentine's Day too - I love it!

  3. Too stinkin' cute, Annette! I especially love your husband's remark. Well, well, well. Now you're not the only woman in Lil Lewie's life. Ha! I kid, I kid. Goodness knows that won't be for a loooong when he's thirty. We mamas can only pray...

  4. Oh, that's so sweet! Love how your husband knew all along.

  5. That is the cutest thing! Little Chick has a crush also, but the two play the"i do not like you" game. It starts young. I hope you are doing ell. I am so happy for the warmer weather and the snow melting a bit. Have a great day my friend!

    Mama Hen


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