One Step Forward and Two Steps Back


I need a nap!
I'm having one of those weeks where I feel like I can't get ahead.  

Last Monday morning, I decided it was time to finally start exercising and leading a healthy diet to get in shape for the spring and summer.  I started out by trying to exercise and get into my old Pilate's routine again.  After just one exercise session, I strained my neck, and I've been too sore to proceed.  Then I tried to start eating healthy but fell off the wagon when I bought (yes me) my favorite, dark chocolate, non perils.  I thought I could handle rewarding myself with a small, reasonable amount of chocolate every day, but instead, I find myself opening this container every time I enter the kitchen. Geeezzz, talk about lack of will power.

At work, I tried to get ahead on projects and emails by staying up late and sacrificing precious blogging time.  Not only did I not manage to get ahead in the work department but I've since missed posting about special Lewie moments and commenting on favorite friends' blogs. 

At the home front, a few days ago I came down with a stomach virus, and then my mother (who lives next door) came down with it too.  As soon as we started feeling better, my precious Little Lewie developed a Croup type cough, which scared my husband and I enough to consider a visit to the emergency room.  Fortunately, some of his symptoms have subsided, but, at the recommendation of our doctor, our little boy is being closely monitored at night to make sure the cough and wheeze don't return. 

Finally, during the week we had two warm days of temperatures in the 50's and 60's.  For the first time in months, our ginormous mounds of snow, slick driveways, and icy rooftops began to melt, and we were teased with the sounds of children playing and birds frolicking outside.  A warming trend was on the way and here to stay...or so it seemed...until less than 24 hours later, the cold embraced us once again--this time bringing chilly winds and yes, oh yes, more snow.  Between four to seven inches are expected today, so our shovels and ice melt are waiting on the back porch--glaring at us--taunting us.  The snow melted only to be replaced by more, and I'm left wondering if all the Daffodil, Hyacinth, and grape Hyacinth bulbs I planted in the front yard will even have a chance to bloom this March.  If they're not still covered by the seemingly unending layers of snow, will they be drowned by a pool of water with nowhere to go?

Yes, this week, I suppose is just one of those weeks.  I'm sore, sickly, cranky, overworked and tired.  When the weather finally decides to spring ahead, I promise my two feet will be air born with no desire what-so-ever to step back.

Did you ever have a week when you felt like all of your hard work and efforts are getting you nowhere?


  1. I totally felt like that last week! I had at least 6-7 things that went wrong after I worked hard to take care of them. The worst was when I "planted" a whole Fire Ant nest in my vegetable garden. I was ticked. But, the sun came out, the weather was nice, colds started getting better, and things started working out. Stuff happens. It stinks, and then it gets better. Great post!

    Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

  2. Oh Annette, I'm sending you some virtual chicken soup and saltines to calm that virus! I hate when days seem to get away from us, despite our best efforts at maintaining some semblance of normal routine. Here's hoping the sun comes back for the Northeast - we deserve a little more warmth!

  3. Oh goodness Annette, Inknow how it feels to be so sick! I am still fighting this flu. I could not move for three days! I hope you and your mom feel better soon and poor little Lewie. You will move forward soon. Sometimes it feels like we can't get ahead, but then it all starts to move forward again. I hope you feel better soon my friend. Come and enter my giveaway. It is a great one that you will love. :) Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. I have entire months that feel that way. Like I mentioned in my latest post...I got my first paycheck and had to call the plumber to fix the hot water heater. The carpet is ruined because of the leak. The "maintenance required" light came on in my vehicle on my way to pick up my check. The cancellation notice for my homeowner's insurance arrived in the mail and my auto insurance was overdue. That check didn't hit the bank good before it was gone. I just try to take it all in stride and remember the serenity prayer. Some things are just beyond our control. I recently saw a graph of "Texans' love of snow". I'll try to get a copy and post it on my blog...we're basically excited on day one, a little less so on day two and by day three we're sick and tired of it and ready for warmer weather. I sure hope all of your flowers find just the right time to make their appearance (i.e., after ALL of the cold weather has passed). Gotta finish preparing dinner for tomorrow (so the Hubs and kids won't be tempted to eat out) and scoot off to bed. That five a.m. alarm is still a little difficult to adjust to! I hope you feel better soon. We sometimes take activated charcoal capsules from the health food store for stomach bugs...seems to stop the diarrhea ((hugs)) -E

  5. I am so glad I'm not the only one with the inability to have "small" treats! My husband grabbed a bag of bite-size butterfingers for me at the store this past weekend...and I'm almost through them. It's been a rough week with Scotty and I just keep snacking on chocolate when I get stressed!

  6. sending ((hugs)) your way today! We all have days, weeks even months like that. Hang in there and know that you are only human and things will bounce back in no time :)

  7. Sounds like one of those weeks that just won't go away! Hope you all feel better very very soon.

  8. Yes, absolutely, I have had those weeks. I hope things start looking up for you soon! They will, they will. I promise.

  9. Seems like those weeks are going around, as I just had one, too. And I figure all that matters is that you get back on the wagon. And I find that the only way I can stop myself from indulging in sweets is to banish them from my house. But I love them too much to do that, so our disfunctional relationship endures. Ha! I hope you're feeling better and that work eases up. Besides, warmer weather is on the way, right? That always lifts the spirit after the winter "blah".

  10. Oh man, what a week! Exercise is definitely one of those that I do well on for a while and then slip back into bad habits, same with a healthy diet. So difficult! The weather really has me down too. I hate all the ups and downs but I guess it's better than just being cold and miserable the whole time. At least this way we can enjoy a couple of days outside before being suck inside again! I want spring here so badly though!


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