Friday Fun Flick: Mr. Manners


My little boy may not always behave appropriately (i.e. terrible two tantrums or before nap meltdowns), but one thing you can't call him is rude.  My little boy is Mr. Polite.  In our household, we're always saying please and thank you.  In fact, if you never saw our messy house but only heard the words that came from inside, you could possible mistake my husband and I for Ward and June Cleaver.  (If you don't know who these TV characters are, then don't worry, it just means I'm an old fossil.)

I love the following video clip because it's just an example of his "peas and tanks" (translation--please and thanks.)  We had good friends of ours come over with their little boy who's about five months older than Lewie.  The two of them placed nicely together with our Fisher Price doorway and actually shared one of the plastic "letters" by handing it back and forth through the doorway.  Lewie's little friend would announce, "Special Delivery," and Lewie would respond, "Tanks."

The best part, I think, is listening to us parents in the background.  Our entire conversation is centered around our little guys, and we keep coaching our kids to be "polite."  At the end, you can hear my husband say repeatedly, "Good job buddy," in praise of the fact that Little Lewie is sharing his toys.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  To close, I've decided to share a song that was taught to us during our library reading hour.  It's sung to the melody of Frere Jacques or  Are you Sleeping?

                             "Please and thank you, Please and thank you
                              Sound so nice, sound so nice.
                              Manners are important, manners are important.
                              Be polite.  Be polite."

Yes, sometimes I have to sing this song in my head when I'm not getting along with a coworker.  It's interesting how these early lessons we learn at say, age two, need to be reminders when we get older...


  1. I love that little song! I also love story time at our local library. Congrats on raising such a sweet and thoughtful child.

  2. What a cute song! I'll have to remember that one for her less polite moments. Good for you for teaching Lewie such important skills early on. That video is too cute!

  3. That is so cute! I also say please and thank you all the time to my daughter. She is really great with manners. When we go out she always says please and thank you. I was going to suggest in your last post that playing classical music is a great way to turn off the TV. We love playing classical and all genres of music throughout our day. Have a great Sunday! :)

    Mama Hen

  4. So adorable!! Avery has please down but thank you is taking a lot more time. Oh well, we'll keep working on it and hopefully she'll get it soon!

  5. Thank is so cute! I love kids saying please and thank you :) Thankfully Scotty's usually pretty good about it too. Sharing? We're working on :)


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