Monday's Mommy Moment: Finding Creativity in Silence


Our house is noisy.  It's not because there are a lot of people--there's just my husband, Little Lewie, and me.  Our house is noisy because we're always busy "doing."  In the morning, we watch the weather and some news followed by Little Lewie's cartoons.  In the afternoon, if I'm not at work, I'm usually vacuuming, doing laundry, washing dishes, or doing some sort of other activity that provides a background noise.  Oh yeah, and there's more TV. 

Finally, in the evening, there's even more TV.  (When my husband returns from work, I can always guarantee he will request control of the throne, the recliner, and oh yes, the remote.) Consequently, the TV doesn't go off until well after Little Lewie is in bed either.   If Little Lewie isn't listening to the TV, music, or my household chore activities, then he is used to hearing Mommy and Daddy talk on their cell phones. 

Yes, while we are busy "doing", we are 1) training our little guy to feel like there always needs to be some sort of background noise, and 2) missing out on what's being said or taking place behind the laughter, shrills, screams, and blabber on TV.

This weekend, whenever possible, I decided to shut the TV off.  I didn't talk on my cell phone, and I put down the laundry and other chores.  Yes, instead,  Little Lewie and I went for walks where we could hear the sounds of birds, geese, and even peepers (we had one incredibly warm day).  And, when we were at home, we played "in silence." 

At one point, I realized my little guy wasn't interested in playing with me anymore, and he had created his own little storyline.  He became so involved in his play that he even let me film him without once paying attention to me.  It was at this moment that I realized what I've been missing.  He was talking, making sound effects, and creating his own little pretend world.  I know kids do this all the time, but I've been missing it.  In the confusion of our loud, perpetually busy household, I've been missing my little boy's play--the secret, inner workings of his mind--the beauty of his thoughts, imagination, and creativity.  Below is some of his play I was able to capture on video. 


For months now, I've been reading mom blogs that have made it their personal mission to turn off the TV.  While I won't be able to get my husband to subcribe to this philosophy anytime soon, I will however, do my best to create "quiet" times in our house or outside where Little Lewie can listen to nothing else but his own thoughts (and maybe a bird or two in the background.)


  1. I love it! I'm guilty of always having background noise too...if it's not the tv, it's the radio! It's so much fun to watch them create their own little worlds though! Scotty recently got some polly pockets from a friends daughter and it's hilarious to sit outside his door and listen to him play!

  2. This is such a good post; I can definitely relate to having that background noise on all the time. We've started to turn the TV off more as well, and have really enjoyed that time unplugged. Georgia has started to really play with her toys again, and I'm finding that I enjoy watching her and playing with her more. The video of Lewie is so cute!

  3. such a great post :) Oh how we lack quiet time in our house too! We make sure that there's no tv when we're all playing, visiting, eating...etc, that way my hubby can watch ESPN when the kiddos are asleep and I'm finished lovin' and hugging on him too :)

  4. Great post and kuddos for doing it. I do try to turn off the tv after the early morning routine. If I feel the need to have noise I simply turn on music to which KLV will typically dance. We could definitely benefit from having it off a little more though.

  5. That video is so cute. He is getting bigger! TV is a good thing at times, but can become a bit much after a while. I think we can get used to that "noise" and there comes a time we need to have some silence to get back to thinking. That quiet playtime is essential to Lewies creative play. I do not think you need to keep the TV off permanently, but to have it on less is a good thing my friend. Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  6. Yes, I admit I get to liking the TV a bit too much too. My husband is good about not turning it on during different times, and I try to let it be. It is a good thing to not have it on the whole time.

  7. Oh, he's so cute! I am so distracted by the noise and the TV, but my hubs would never give it up! But my kids adored the quiet, and they still seek it out at times.

  8. I love this! I am guilty of having on the TV or radio (or goodness, both!)just to feel a little less isolated and dreary. But you are totally right - with all the background noise, we miss their sweet little voices as they play!

  9. I love this and I'm sure Little Lewie does, too. Sometimes the silence can be kind of intimidating and the tv provides endless background noise in my home, too. Hubbs and I are getting rid of tv this month...Whoa buddy...what will we do with all the time and silence? Ha!


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