Oh My...Look How Tall I've Grown!


My little boy is...welll...not so little anymore.  At age two, he's already wearing 4T (and sometimes even 5T clothing).  At the beginning of the winter in December, I bought Lewie a pair of 4T pants and had to roll up the cuffs.  I forgot about these pants (having misplaced them in the back of his drawer) and just recently found them.  When I put them on him last week...this is what I discovered...

Yup, he grew about two inches in just a few short months.  People have always told me that boys will eat you out of house and home, but I never guessed it would start this early.  I can honestly say that with all of Lewie's growth spurts, he's been eating larger portions than I do...and even then, he still has his nose in the refridgerator looking for food. 

It's fun to watch Lewie grow, and indeed I know he is going to be a tall boy.  My husband is 6' 1", and if he takes after my family, my dad was 6' 4".  Still, I get weepy everytime I have to pack up his old clothes that he'll never wear again, and these days, I've been packing up more and more clothes...  Sometimes I do miss those baby clothes..."Little Lewie, could you stop growing for Mommy...just a little.  Please?"


  1. He is definitely going to be tall. Cute!

  2. tall boy :) Ahh I don't blame ya! I ask my oldest son, who is 4, if I can keep planting him back down and he tells me, " I gotta get big boy Momma!"....LOL!

  3. We're in the same boat. I found a teensy tiny newborn diaper a few months back and I can't bring myself to trash it. Certainly, her little tooshy can't fit into it, but...but she used to be that small! I completely agree...at least slow down a little! And yes..he's going to be a tall boy! How exciting!

  4. So cute! It is amazing watching our little ones grow, but at the same time we want to hold on to our little babies a bit longer. My daughter just had a growth spurt. everyone is noticing how long her legs are getting. I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day my friend! have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  5. So cute! It's ridiculous how fast they grow, isn't it? I kept waiting for him to slow down (everyone told me he'd stop gaining weight so quickly once he started crawling/walking/etc) and it hasn't happened yet. Pretty soon he'll be taller than me :)


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