Library Days


A few months ago, I discovered this wonderful library a few towns over from me--The Woodbury Public Library.  Besides having a great adult section, they have a wonderful kids floor with books, DVDs, computers, and a special toddler room filled with toys, puzzles, and board games.

For Lewie, the toddler/preschool room was love at first sight.  Not only do they have a train table and various sets of train tracks, but they also have linking logs, legos, a kitchenette, barbecue, Barbie Dream House, workbench, racetracks, Hot Wheel play sets, and multiple other toys and games.  Since they will accept our library card from the next town over, we've started coming here quite frequently--not just for the toys but also to borrow their wonderful books and DVDs.  Recently, I just discovered that they also have themed backpacks that we can take out for two weeks at a time too.  Lewie, of course, found the train backpack that's filled with train books, DVDs, and activities. He was so excited to take home his very own backpack full of stuff, but since we've come home, I haven't been able to peel him away from it.  Not only is he taking inventory of everything in there every hour on the hour, but now he insists that he needs to bring it with him to preschool; it's become a mini-obsession!

I'm so happy we found this library.  He loves playing with these "new" toys, and he now shows an interest in books, puzzles, and learning games that don't have the same allure when we're at home.  For now, my goal is to continue taking him every Tuesday night after preschool (that's when they're open late).  Anything that will invoke a love for learning and take him away from the TV for a night is number one in my book--(no pun intended-LOL).

Yesterday we started by reading Animal Train.  What a cute book!

A picture to capture all of the toys in this toddler/preschool area.

Here are more toys.

Lewie at his work bench.

Playing with trains.  (He has a train table at home, but he never gets bored of them.)

Grilling me a hot dog.

Playing with another pair of Thomas the Train tracks.

Looking at more books.

His favorite train backpack.  (I'm afraid he's going to have a hard time parting with it after the two weeks are up.)

Rollerskating--Part II


A year ago, my husband and I took a three year-old Lewie rollerskating for his very first time. While he did his best to keep his balance and glide around in his little skates, we decided he was still too young. (It became dangerous when we took him on the rink, and he insisted on wanting to skate against traffic!)

The thought about bringing him rollerskating again didn't come to mind until he was invited to his cousin's rollerskating birthday party. So, here we were...ready to attempt the impossible again... wasn't impossible. In fact, I left the party that day being so proud of my little boy. We started out by renting regular little boy skates. Since the wheels were fast, my poor little boy couldn't seem to get his balance. His wobbly, little legs continuously rolled out in front of him or worse; one leg would roll forward while the other rolled backward, causing him to do a clumsy split.

I thought for sure that he would be desperately begging me to take the skates off. I feared the worst--my little boy would be scarred by the experience and never want to wear skates again ever.

Instead, he surprised me. Every time he fell, he'd say, "That's okay, Mommy. Can you help me up?"

I finally learned from another mom that I could rent "beginner skates" for Lewie, which would allow me to control the speed of the wheels. So, after an hour in the other skates, we switched to the new ones, which caused him to fall less and gave him a little more confidence.

By the end of the two hour session, my little boy was heartbroken. He didn't want to stop! "I want to keep going, Mommy," he said in tears. After a long, glum silence, he then asked, "Can we come back again?"

I learned a lot about my little boy during this party, the most important being that he's not a quitter. Even though his little butt was sore from all the falls, he never once wanted to stop. I also learned that when we introduce wheels, flashing lights, and loud music to my little boy, he produces some great disco moves.   I guess he takes after Daddy and me after all. I see many fun days at the roller rink in our future :)

Spring Ahead?!


Okay, in my last post, I was ready for the soft warm winds of spring, the first buds of daffodils and tulips, the familiar sounds of birds chattering, the excited yelps of children playing in the park, and the days when I could finally leave my long, heavy winter coat behind in the closet for good...

Today was no such day....

We had 16+ inches of snow today.

I should have known.  March roars in like a lion, and that's exactly what it did.  So, now I have to follow my own good advice.  "Be patient," I say to Lewie when he wants something NOW.  "Good things happen to those who wait."

So, now we are in a period of waiting...waiting for the warm weather to arrive, waiting for my husband's knee to heal, waiting for the opportunity to hike, pack picnic lunches, and play outside until the sun goes down.

Today I should have started my spring cleaning, but somehow I couldn't; it's not just about cleaning; it's about opening windows to air out the house and getting rid of lingering germs--the germs that are still chronically making us cough, sneeze, and sniffle.

My own voice keeps halting my inner dialog, "Be patient, be patient, be patient."  What easy advice to give, but what hard advice to follow...

What are you waiting patiently for???

Welcome March and Welcome Spring!


February was a tough month.  A day after my Valentine's Day post, we went sledding again, and my husband fractured his knee and tore his meniscus.  It was a long few weeks of doctor's appointments, which culminated in surgery yesterday.  The hope is that my husband will be able to go back to work in another week.  The snow left over from the blizzard, of course, made it tough for him to get around on crutches.  Then, Little Lewie and I became infected with yet another cold--the type that lingers and zaps all your energy...

Needless to say, we didn't get to accomplish very much during the rest of February, but HeLLO March!  It's a new month!  The snow is melting, my husband is on the mend, Little Lewie and I are coughing less, and we have St. Patrick's Day, the first day of Spring, and Easter on the way!!!  Plus, I have a bridal shower and a few baby showers to throw into the mix!!

I woke up today with a spring in my step...I'm looking forward to warmer weather and I'm ready to start my diet all over again...  (Although, I may have to cheat once when we make some shamrock sugar cookies!)

Happy March Everyone!  May it be Lucky!  

We plan on making cookies like these.  We'll see how they turn out!