Summer Traditions


Last year, I posted about our annual tradition of going to our favorite lake with our buddies, Sue and Ryan.  We started the tradition two years ago, and now we've officially documented our third year of going on this (mother-son) play date together.

This year, our visit was a little different than times past.  For one, the two boys were much more confident in the water; instead of building castles in the sand, the boys were more interested in swimming, swimming, and more swimming.  Another difference was that both boys were quite vocal about wanting ice cream for lunch;  it was tough getting them to eat something else before they practically inhaled their ice cream cookie sandwiches.  Finally, in years past, both boys would fall asleep in the car on the way home.  This year only my little boy fell asleep (for five short minutes).  Ryan was wide awake the whole time!

Here are a few pictures that document the last three years...I start with 2013, go back to 2011, and then finish with 2012.

Lewie swimming in the lake this year.

Ryan floating in the water this year.


Lewie and Ryan posing for the camera.

Just chillin' cause they're cool like that.

A final picture of the two guys hanging out after some swimming and ice cream.

The thrilling car ride home.

Still my baby...even if he did only fall asleep for a short five minutes.

Ryan (Age 3)

Lewie (Age 2 going on 3)

The Munchkins at the Snack Bar

Fast asleep on the ride home

Lewie (Age 3 going on 4)

Ryan (Age 4)

The two cool dudes enjoying their ice cream.

Fast asleep on the ride home.
Indeed, there's something to be said for traditions.  Some signify our culture, some signify our heritage, and still others simply signify our way of life.  I'm not sure if these two boys will end up growing up with each other for years to come, but if so, they'll have many fond memories and pictures to look back on...

Four Going on 24!


My son is four years-old, but if you listened to our conversations around the house, I'm sure you wouldn't know it...

Lewie:  "Leave the keys out to the Subaru."
Me:       "What did you say?"
Lewie:  "Leave the keys out to the Subaru.  I have to go to work."
Me:       "And where do you work?"
Lewie:  "I have an office at Naugatuck Valley."  (This is where my husband works and where he used to go to preschool.)
Me:       "So you work with Daddy?"
Lewie:  "Yes, sometimes."
Me:       "What do you do?"
Lewie:  "I teach, and I work on the computer."  RING RING RING, RING RING RING.  (My son answers his pretend cell phone.)
Me:      "Who's calling you?"
Lewie: "My work.  They need me to go now."

I'll end the conversation there.  You see, while some kids pretend to be superheroes, and some pretend to be animals or dinosaurs, or cartoon characters, my son pretends to be an adult.  According to him, he has a job, he has a cell phone, he has a car, he has his own house (close to ours), he has siblings (even though he's really an only child), and he has a kid.  (I think his kid is magically older than him, but nonetheless, his kid often comes with us and has to be buckled in the backseat of the car too.)

Everyone assures me that his wild imagination is natural, but oh my, I just wish I could have my four year-old back.  I don't like this pretending to be an adult stage.

Oh, and here's a picture of his pocketbook (or as Daddy calls it...his man-purse).

A few weeks ago, Lewie decided that he needs a bag to carry all of his essentials, and so when I reach for my purse on the go, so must he.  As you can see, he's carrying some very important items: a cell phone, a key, an alarm clock key chain, a mini strainer, a light-up pen, and a spinning top.  I suppose it's not nice of me to be already going through his personal things, but I just had to see what was so important, since he insists he can't leave the house without his bag...

Here's to enjoying the innocence of least what's left of it.

These Busy Days of Summer


Oh, how I wish I could say "these lazy days of summer," but our summer has been anything but lazy.  In the past two weeks, we've picked strawberries, visited a trolley museum, went to the beach, saw fireworks (twice), and went swimming in friends' and family members' pools.  (This is in addition to working, correcting papers--I teach English composition--and, trying to do some minor home improvements like painting, upholstery cleaning, and eventually getting a new carpet for our living room.)

These summer days are swirling by, but at least I can say we are making the most of them.  The rainy days of June have stopped, and so these hot July days have been providing plenty of opportunities to swim and have fun.

The constant activity of friends and family has left me with little time to take pictures, but at least (between my husband and I) I have a few cell phone pictures to share:

Patriotic cousins!!

Our first time strawberry picking.  (It was my first time too!)

Hmmm...where should I start?

Oh, those look really good over there!

What a great way to keep the kiddos busy and out of trouble (LOL).

I think I'll eat some...

"I mean it Mommy.  Can I eat them for real?"