I'm glad that even though my son is five, he still says the cutest things.  Am I correcting his words all the time?  Nope.  Guilty as charged.  I'd much rather revel in the joy of him being a kid than to make him grow up too fast!

"Mommy, can we go frontward?"  (He really means forward.)

"Mommy, I can't wait until my birthday to buy another train.  I'm really un-patient!" 

"I can eat now Mommy because I put appetizer on my hands."  (sanitizer??)

"Mommy, do you want to go on those elephators?"  (escalators??)

On Thursday last week, I took Lewie to the mall, so we could ride the elevators and escalators, get grilled cheese sandwiches and milk shakes and just enjoy doing something different.  He was excited to go to the children's play area.  (I swear we haven't been to the mall in almost a year!)  He first started playing chase with a few boys, but when they left, he found a girl his age to play chase with.  I couldn't help but to laugh out loud when he said...

"Hi, my name is Lewie, but you can call me Lewis." 

When leaving the mall, he then proceeded to tell me that he was allergic to girls, but he wasn't allergic to me because I'm his Mommy.

God, I love this kid.  As far as I'm concerned, age five can stay here forever! 


  1. What a sweetheart! I don't want my boys to lose their innocence either. It's too much fun.

  2. I love when the say funny lines like that! :)

  3. Stop it!! He is TOO CUTE! This makes me really excited for Mia to start talking. I can't wait to hear the things she comes up with :)

  4. What a sweet boy! It is so fun remember these things!


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