A Day Off From School


I don't normally endorse "playing hooky," but I promised my son I would take him for a day to Lake Quassy Amusement Park if he had a good attitude about school (and homework) during his first week.

Sure enough, the "coaxing" worked.  Lewie was definitely more positive about school, and we had a beautiful Friday morning and afternoon to enjoy one last day of summer fun.  In fact, once my mom learned about the plan, she asked to come too, and while she couldn't go on all the rides with us, she did get to enjoy a few train rides, a boat ride (on the Quassy Queen), some lunch and ice-cream, and quite a few games of skee ball.

The first of several train rides.

Lewie on the Pirate Swing.   This ride definitely won 'first place' this year.
We may have gone seven times that day.

Time for the arcade and skee ball!

Waiting for the Quassy Queen.

Captain Joe allowed Lewie to drive!

Lewie then requested a ride on the paddle boats.  His legs were still a little too short
to reach the pedals, so I did most of the paddling.  Great exercise!

I couldn't get this eight year-old on the Merry-Go-Round this year.  Maybe next time.

Another train ride!

Lewie wanted a picture with his face in the window.  Silly boy!
The "true secret" to playing hooky this year is that for the past four years in a row, we always come to Lake Quassy on the last Friday before Labor Day.  (This is when the park officially closes down on week days, and there are very little people.)  We've been fortunate these last few years not to begin school until after Labor Day but not this year...  I had planned this day all along, but hey, it was so much fun to see Lewie "earn" the day, which he truly did.  A little positivity goes a long way...

Our first Quassy adventure (when Lewie was four) is posted here:


  1. What a fun day. Looks like the sort of place my kids would enjoy too.

  2. Oh how fun! It looks like he had a blast, and what a great way to reward him for having a good attitude for the start of school.


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