Friday Fun Flick: Fans are Spooky


This week, I decided to capture my little boy's fan obsession. Right now, New England is in the midst of a heat wave where the temperatures have easily climbed to 90 and 100 degrees everyday. Fortunately, we do have air-conditioning, but sometmes a fan helps too!

My poor Lil' Lewie has never seen a fan before, and it's become his fascination for the week. It started out where he would only look at it from a distance, but then, as his confidence grew, he started pressing the buttons. He enjoyed pressing the buttons until he learned that the fan oscillates back and forth. When it first started moving from side to side, my poor little boy freaked out! Even now, a couple of days later, he still thinks it's spooky. In this clip, I couldn't catch his outright fear, but you can certainly see his interest and a little apprehension at the same time.


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  4. This is priceless :) I love it! Watch the fingers though, that always makes me so nervous! We've had a bit of a heat wave in Washington the past few days and Scotty is just now getting used to our big box fan being out again!


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