I received the Sunshine Award!


I received my very first blog award ever. Suddenly Sandy has given me the Sunshine Award! It's such an honor. “The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world.”

Here are the rules…

1. Put the award on your blog and/or within your post.

2. Pass the award on to twelve bloggers.

3. Link to the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and the link to the person from whom you received this award.

Suddenly Sandy, thank you so much for honoring me with the Sunshine award! You are a ray of sunshine, too!

Here are 12 blogs that I always enjoy reading that I would like to pass the Sunshine Award on to...

Mommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant Twins

Peace and Craziness

One Mom's Perfect Imperfections

Super Healthy Kids

Momma Go Round

Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mom

Nirvana Mamma


Surviving Motherhood...barely

Living the Scream

Wabisabi Mama

The Pretty Bee


  1. You are so welcome Annette! I love getting awards (even though this was my first!) It makes you feel so good and motivates you to blog more! It did me, at least :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you so much! It's a wonderful thing to wake up in the morning and find out you've inspired someone. I really needed this today, so thank you for spreading the love! I LOVE your blog! I LOVE the idea! We all need some positivity in our lives, a cheerleader...someone in our corner, so I think you're on to something. I will find 12 other blogs to award this to. Thanks so much for the idea!

  3. Thanks so much for this, you totally made my night, and I definitely needed a little lift today! :) I can not wait to share this! And congrats on our award as well!

  4. Congratulations to you! And thank you for passing this award on to me as well! Have a great week!

  5. Congratulations! And thanks so much for passing it on to me! Have a great week, too!

  6. Thanks so much for the award! I also appreciate your comments and conversation starters on my blogfrog community!

    This is my first award as well. it will be fun to pass it on. Thanks again Annette!


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