I Received the Versatile Blogger Award!


Tanyia from Surviving Motherhood gave me the Versatile Blogger Award! I was so honored that she took the time to recognize me. I love to blog, and this award just encourages me to continue documenting my little boy's special moments in addition to writing about my own journey. Tanyia, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show me some friendship and support. You are a great friend!

Now, on with the award...

In order to receive the award fully, I must
1) Thank the person who gave me the award. Thanks again, Tanyia!
2) Share seven things about myself.
3) Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs, and let the nominees know about the award.
Okay, so in no particular order, here are seven things about myself...I'll try not to bore you.
1) I used to own a pet frog as a kid. "Froggie" lived to be seven years-old.
2) I've been tap dancing for close to 30 years. I taught my husband how to tap dance for our wedding, and we performed a routine to Dean Martin's "Ain't that a Kick in the Head."
3) I studied abroad in Spain twice (once during my undergrad years and once in grad school).
4) I'm stuck in a time warp. I love music, movies, and TV shows from the 80's.
5) I walk three to four miles everyday. The most I've ever walked in one day was 16 miles.
6) I love to read self-help books and magazines.
7) I love everything chocolate!
Now it's time for the most important part of the award. I am pleased to nominate all the blogs below because they are clever, creative, beautiful, honest, sincere, and written by some pretty wonderful gals. (Drum roll, please.)


  1. Well deserved. :)

    I can not believe you walked 16 miles in one day...WHY!? lol I am not sure if I have walked that far in my life haha.

    I am going to check out these blogs!

  2. Congratulations on the award! I didn't know frogs would actually live that long, how cute! That's funny...I love the 80's too:)

    Thank you so much for thinking of me and passing on the award to me, you're too kind:)

    Have a great day!

  3. Thank you so much for the award! I was lucky enough to go to Spain for 10 days a few years back and it was the most stunningly beautiful country - where did you study? I'm so jealous you got to study there twice! :)

  4. We really appreciate you giving us this award! Thank you so much. By the way we love frogs, self help books and chocolate too!

  5. Thank you!!! I have one other award that I still haven't posted about, so this will motivate me to get moving! Thank you so much, you are the best and I LOVE reading your blog :)

  6. Congrats on the award! That's a whole lotta walking lady.

  7. Awww. Thanks a bunch Annette. You made my day! :)

  8. New follower from Tuesday Tag Along! Hopefully you can visit us and follow back as well!


  9. Congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me! You just made my day! (I PROMISE I will get it re-posted soon.)

    I'm right there with you on #7! :-)

  10. Thanks so much!
    I will post about this soon!
    I love the thing about you and your husband tap dancing together.
    Sounds like so much fun!

  11. Congrats on your award!!
    And thanks for following back!
    Have a great day!
    B :)

  12. Congratulations on the award, you so deserve it!! I loved the wedding tap dance video. Such a unique idea and you guys were incredible!!

  13. Congrats on your award!! And thank you so much for passing it on to me! I am honored. ;0) Won't be able to post about it until next week, as I'm leaving for a 4-day writing/speaking conference today.

    I'll visit again when I get back! ;0)

  14. thank you so much! i'm honored

  15. Thanks for the award! :) I'm going to check out your blog now!!

  16. Congratulations on the award, and thank you so much for sharing it with me! I have returned to work this week, and am finally getting a chance to publicly thank you in this post:

    You have a wonderful blog, and I really enjoy following you.


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