Monday's Mommy Moment: My Little Helper


This week, Lil' Lewie has really become Mommy's Little Helper. In the kitchen, he helps me throw away garbage, put kitchen items away in drawers, and put dirty dishes in the sink. (I think he'd actually help me wash the dishes too if the sink wasn't so high.)

During our day to day routine, he likes to help me sweep, vacuum, and even do laundry. "Here Lil' Lewie, will you put this wet sock in the dryer for Mommy? Oh, thank you so much!"
When I reach to grab something out of the pantry, he takes pride in opening the door for me and then shutting it closed when I'm done. (Of course, I'm always checking to make sure his little fingers are out of the way.)

When I'm ready to go outside, he brings me my shoes. Then when we're outside, he graciously takes on the role of my little garden buddy where he assists me with weeding, turning on the hose, and watering my flowers with his little watering can.

The joy and excitement he has in wanting to be my little helper melts my heart. I understand that kids like to imitate us at this age; however, sometimes, I think he likes to help because it makes him feel important, perhaps even empowered. (I know I certainly cheer him on when he does anything to help out. To me, it not only instills an excellent work ethic at a very young age, but it also motivates him to want to help others. Of course, it will also encourage him to help me when he's older, which let's face it, I'll take whatever help I can get!)

Anyways, my favorite mommy moment this week occurred just last night while the three of us (Lil' Lewie, me, and hubby) were all relaxing and watching TV in the living room. As Lil' Lewie appeared to be falling asleep on the couch, my husband and I decided to give each other mini backrubs. When it was my turn for a backrub, Lil' Lewie, got up, watched Daddy for a few minutes, and then climbed off the couch to rub my back too. His little hand movements were the same short, awkward strokes he uses to pet animals. After petting me five or six times, he walked around to greet me, leaned forward, and gave me a big hug and kiss. Then he returned to his comfortable position on the couch. "We have such a sweet little boy," I said gushing to my husband.

"Thank you, Lil Lewie," I said to my little boy. "Thank you for taking care of Mommy like I take care of you. I needed that."


  1. That is incredibly sweet. I really love that age when they are so eager to be a little independent and do things and how they take such pride in helping! It is adorable, and he sounds like such a darling little man!

  2. That is so sweet! I love the pictures of him watering the garden, such a great helper. What a little gentleman you are raising!

  3. Wow...working little man. ;-) He is skilful. ;-)

  4. That is so cute! Scotty is the same way...he comes and rubs my neck to make it feel better and he's a big helper around the house! What other 3 year old actually throws his garbage from lunch in the can and then puts his dish in the dishwasher??? It's good to teach them young :)


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