Thanksgiving Thursday


Today I've been asked to return to work (but only for one day). My contract really doesn't begin until after Labor Day. At first I grumbled a little about this. It's summertime, and I want to be home with my Lil' Lewie. Then, reality hit me...I mean really, what am I complaining about? I have a job. I have one that normally doesn't require me to come in during the summer break or during the winter recess. So today, like everyday, I have a lot to be thankful for...

1. I'm thankful for my part-time job in the career center at our local community college. (Yes, I know my office is being moved to a little 12' by 12' foot space with no windows, but less space means less clutter.)

2. I'm thankful for my beautiful little boy's baby fat. He still has meaty little thighs and the cutest round cheeks. (I'm referring to his face of course, but his other cheeks are pretty plump and cute too.) Everytime my little boy runs, his face, particularly his cheeks, jiggle. My goal is to capture this on video for one of my Friday Fun Flicks.

3. I'm thankful for light summer breezes. Yesterday was a pretty hot and oppressive day, but in the evening, a light breeze cooled everything off tremendously. It allowed me to go for a nice long walk with my litte boy.

4. I'm thankful for my walks with Lil' Lewie. He doesn't mind sitting in the stroller, and I love spending this time to connect with him. I tell him about how much I love him, and I point out our beautiful surroundings--trees, flowers, sunsets. Yes, he is 35 pounds, and I have some steep hills in our neighborhood to climb, but it does give me exercise. I'm thankful for that too.

5. I'm going to go out on a limb here...but, I'm thankful for my clutter. Clutter is really a sign of having an abundance. I have more things than I need. I have to remember how many people and children in our country and other contries do without. They barely have enough to sustain them, nevermind having extra. Yes, clutter, even though you lurk in all the corners of my house, I am thankful for you. Still, don't get your hopes up too high--you cannot move in. Your visit will be short (I hope).


  1. Thank you for joining in today! I will go add your link now. I like the last one (even though clutter can get out of control) because it really does mean we have so much to be thankful for! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. Those chubby legs are so cute!

    I'm thankful that I just got rid of 20 years of clutter, getting ready to downsize to a smaller home. It was funny to see all the junk we had collected. And why? Who knows!

  3. Hi, Mommy Spirit. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your profile--isn't it wonderful how a little baby can just totally turn our worlds inside, outside & upside down? I marvel at how big my "babies" are now. Just doesn't seem like that long ago that they, too, had meaty legs and jaws that jiggled when they ran. I am laughing at your being thankful for clutter. I should count my blessings, too, and then get rid of some of it. Following you back. -EW

  4. Enjoyed this post! Hadn't thought of my clutter in that much-appreciated way before. It is true. We have an abundance in this country!

    Also loved the pic of you and Lil' Lewis on your profile. :-)

  5. Rolls on little kids/babies are so darn cute...and I LOVE chubby cheeks when they run! My 3 year old is 45 lbs, so I know what you mean with it being a workout :) He just shot up again the other day and he comes to right below my chest...I'm thinking he'll be taller than me by 6. Hopefully he'll still have the chubby cheeks though :)


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