Top Ten Tuesday-You Know You're a Working Mama When...


I'm very lucky to have the best of both worlds. During the summer, I'm mostly a stay-at-home mom (other than an English course I teach one night per week). During the college academic calendar, however, I work a part-time schedule of four days per week (three days and one evening).

Whether being a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, I find that both have their challenges and rewards. It's a delicate balance--one that we're all trying to find...(or, at least, I am--PLEASE HELP!) For all the working mamas out there, this top ten is for you!
You know you're a working mama when...

10. You need at least one pot of strong coffee to get you through the morning. After all, you’ve got to take a shower, get dressed, wash and dress the kiddos, pack lunches for the entire family, and leave out the door by 7 a.m. (if you’re lucky).

9. All of your stylish business suits have been replaced by outfits with mystery stains, wrinkles, and loose fitting waistbands. Comfort is now the name of the game. Goodbye Prada shoes. Hello Dr. Scholls.

8. The diplomas, awards, and recognitions that used to grace the walls of your office have now been replaced by your children’s artwork.

7. You LIVE for office gossip or any other type of conversations that don’t involve talking about school, poopy diapers, or play dates.

6. Your colorful insulated lunch bag and ultra mod briefcase secretly convert to your high-tech, breast pumping gear. (Co-workers haven’t caught on to your covert breast milk operation yet, but they are intrigued by the strange whistling sound that comes from your office/the storage closet three times a day.)

5. Your workspace looks more like a photography art exhibit, complete with past and present photos of your kiddos. (This, of course, includes the wallpaper on your desktop that you change every other day.)

4. Forget employee or boss appreciation day. You secretly hope your co-workers will have a workplace celebration for Mother’s Day.

3. Instead of going out to classy lunch functions with co-workers, you stay behind to research toddler activities, arts and crafts, or your child’s next paper on the human genome project.

2. You’re often heard speaking on the phone in an annoyed, hushed tone from your desk. “Simon, I told you, not NOW. I’ll DEAL with the problem when I get HOME!”

1. Years after you began bringing your kiddos to daycare, co-workers are still afraid to shake your hand. (It appears that nasty cold still hasn’t left your system.)

And finally, here's one last bonus: You use your hard-earned money to buy lots of gifts for your children. How else are you able to cope with that incessant, blasted, annoying mommy guilt?


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  3. awesome :)

    I have not been a working mama in 10 years now! I can not believe it has been so brain is total mush now hehe

  4. LO! Great post and oh so true. :)

    Happy TTA

  5. This was so funny! I need coffee in the morning! I also have those mystery stains on clothing! Ha! You have a new follower! I look forward to following your blog! Come visit Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen

  6. Awww... this is sweet! I can't wait until i have kids (which i need to get going - i'm headed toward 30 and my mom is kind of tapping her foot, waiting!) I want to post their artwork on my walls! My mom used to do that all the time, and it made me feel almost famous! :)

    Thanks for stopping by & Following my blog! Have a great week!

  7. Oh I definitely could have written this especially the 'Simon I'll deal with it when I get home' because my husband is actually called Simon LOL!
    Another thing I find about being a working mother is that I am always first in in the mornings because I have a very precise little alarm clock :)


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