Monday's Mommy Moment: Christmas Memories


The holiday season is magical for kids, especially when they believe in Santa Claus and notice all the beautiful lights and decorations around them.  I'll admit I was looking forward to this year.  I thought my little guy at age two would start to enjoy and appreciate all the activities.  He does, for the most part, find the Christmas tree fascinating, but he's still not a huge fan of all the decorations--he either doesn't notice them or, in the case of the outside Christmas lights, he's downright afraid of them.

In years past, he didn't quite understand the hoopla either.  Of course, that didn't stop me from torturing my little guy and making him dress in special Christmas outfits, etc.  Here are some of my favorite holiday photos:

Four Months-Old--"What's all the fuss about?"

Four Months-Old--"Are you Santa?"

Four Months-Old--"I like my presents."

One Year-Old--"Help!  Get me away from this creepy man!"

One Year-Old--"Please Daddy.  Please come get me, please."

One Year-Old--"My first Christmas Party."

One Year-Old--"I'm waiting for my Christmas cookies..."

One Year-Old--"Really Mom.  Am I just a pawn for your amusement?"

One Year-Old--"Hey, I'm really getting into this whole reindeer thing."

Yes, it will be interesting to see what memories I will be able to capture this year.  At least, knock on wood, he won't have a horrible bruise above his eye like last year's unfortunate incident...


  1. Oh, he's so adorable! And one day, these pictures will come in quite handy....

    Have fun!

  2. Oh. my. goodness. You dressed him in a reindeer costume?! I LOVE it! I wish I had one for Nate!!! Lewie is so adorable in these pics. Love that little striped hat too!

  3. Great photos. That reindeer constume is too much. Reminds me of Ralphie in a Christmas Story. Hope your creating great new memories this holiday.

  4. His outfits are way too cute, especially his reindeer costume! Fingers crossed he doesn't hit his head in the next two weeks...

  5. Oh my too cute> I think at one point or another all toddlers are afraid of Santa until they realize he brings gifts hehe (=


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