Friday Fun Flick: Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down!


Okay, if you read my last post, you know that I felt a wee bit of working mommy guilt after I brought my two year old to daycare for the first time. Alright, who am I kidding? I felt horribly guilty. I understand working is a part of life, and my little boy could actually benefit from a little socialization, much as I can rationalize this one, I can't seem to get this message through to my heart. My heart's still weeping...

After my little boy came home from daycare on Wednesday, I decided to take a special trip. That's right. I decided to take a special trip to Toys "R" Us. My mission, originally, was to buy the book by Audrey Penn called The Kissing Hand. It's a story about ”Chester the raccoon, who is reluctant to go to school for the first time until his mother shows him a secret way to carry her love with him.”

However, when I didn't find the book, I went against my usual principles, and well, bought Lil' Lewie a toy--The Playskool Weebles Musical Treehouse. I know what you're thinking. Oh no, don't tell me this chick is now going to smother her son with toys to compensate for not spending enough time with him. No, really, I do know the dangers of this, and I don't want my son to be raised to just expect that he's going to get everything he wants in life. Still, just this one time, I couldn't resist. I had Weebles growing up, and the treehouse was so cute...

Anyways, today's Friday Fun Flick is just a quick video of my little boy's first experience with Weebles.  I knew he'd have fun with the treehouse, but I never imagined he would have so much fun just tipping the Weebles over and over again.  Evidently, this toy is perfect for his age and is still popular with any generation. (Do you remember the old Weebles commercial and jingle growing up? Now there's a new 'dance club' version of the jingle-LOL!) 

P.S.  I did get to buy The Kissing Hand too, right at the Barnes & Noble next to Toys "R" Us.  How convenient!

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  1. My daughter's dr told us to buy the Kissing Hand for my daughter when she started school! This was to reduce her anxiety!

    I LOVED the weebles!! I was just talking to someone about those the other day!! I hope you get lots of enjoyment with them at your house!!

    Hang in there, my kids turned out just find and they are a product of daycare!! lol!

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  3. Oh I would have done the SAME thing...mother's guilt sometimes makes you give in to temptation with TOYS :) He will be FINE at daycare, just hang in there and you'll see him making new friends and looking forward to school days! BE STRONG MOMMA!! As for the weebles, I didn't know they still sold them, my 15month old LOVES to play with those at my cousins house, but I thought it was just an old toy, but he LOVES it! So, now I guess today I'll be going out and buying one too :) Too cute!

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  10. Now there is a classic WMG (Working Mother Guilt) action: purchasing stuff for our little ones to make ourselves feel better. You're very good at this! If my tsunamis are anything to go by, he'll love daycare. I always take great comfort in the Swedish model of early childhood - daycare is a way of life over there and they all seem to be doing pretty well.

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog as it meant I found yours. It's lovely over here. x

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  12. The Kissing Hand is a great story! This video was so cute. I did not do the weebles with my daughter, but I bet she would have loved them. It is fine to get something for your little one and you do not need to say anything about it! You love him and you gave him an I love you gift! I hope you have a super day!

    Mama Hen


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