Monday's Mommy Moment: The Man Cave


Last Christmas, my mom bought Lil' Lewie an Elmo tent.  It was a hit as he loves to climb in and pretend it's his own sacred little place.  For the past year, it's provided entertainment in the following ways:
  • Peek-a-boo Kitty the puppet likes to go inside and entertain Lil' Lewie
  • Mr. Alligator, our wooden toy, likes to wait outside because he loves Lil' Lewie's toes (although he can never seem to catch them because Lil' Lewie is way too fast)
  • The two of us play an interesting game of catch as I like to send in toys, and he usually tosses them back out
And....finally....the tent has become...


That's right.  Somehow, I've been booted out because there are no chicks allowed.  It's Lewie's and Daddy's secret time men.  Still, they usually don't bond for long.  Since I am the hunter-gatherer and provide the food, I know exactly how to lure them out...


  1. That is so cute! How fun for them!

  2. This post is adorable! I love that the tent has been able to grow and change with Lewie.

  3. hehe the man cave. And what you got kicked out! Boys will be boys. Too cute Annette!

  4. The look on Little Lewie's face in the first pic looks like he's thinking, "Hey, how'd you get in here?" The second one is equally hilarious with the "cocked" elbow. It screams "I'm chillin' man-style." I love it.

  5. that his HILARIOUS and TOO cute :) Boys and their Daddy's...gotta love it! Poor Mommy :(

  6. This is adorable!Boys will be boys!

  7. That is so cute! Sorry you get booted out, but after all, it is the man cave! :) Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  8. I LOVE this! Gives a new meaning to a "Man Cave" You have an adorable family!!

    Karen @

  9. Oh, that's adorable! We used to have a little tent like that, and the kids loved it. Sometimes even a parent could squeeze in....

  10. That is too cute! Funny how you can always lure a man out with food, it never fails!


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